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New In The Woo: MFitness Inferno Hot Pilates

Rachel Shuster

Located at 299 Shrewsbury St., MFITNESS, LLC Inferno Hot Pilates is full body, high intensity interval training using Pilates and the Tabata method in a heated room. Owner and Instructor Melinda Mercedes’s first class on October 5 was everything she hoped it would be and more.

“With COVID, I was stuck at home and looking for something new and refreshing to do,” Mercedes said. “I saw the creator of Inferno Hot Pilates was teaching online courses, and it really interested me. I took the courses and started teaching friends and family. That led me to open MFITNESS, LLC and start teaching classes. It’s something I am very passionate about.”

A thrill seeker by nature, Mercedes loves to find new adventures that excite and challenge her, including skydiving and studying abroad in college in the Dominican Republic and the Amazon. However, the Worcester native since the age of three after moving from the Dominican Republic, also has a love for feeling relaxed and investing in self-care. When she came across hot yoga in 2009, and Pilates in 2010, those were the perfect combination of new, challenging adventures that spoke to her passion for self-care.

 “When I studied abroad in the Amazon, I fell in love and wanted to bring that vibe here,” Mercedes said. “When clients come into the space, I want them to feel liberated. I love plants and nature, so you’ll find a lot of that, plus incense and blue lights. It’s just very laid back and relaxing.”

The relaxing, laid back vibe of the space is a nice contrast to the intense and hard work, but equally fun and inspiring part of the classes.

“Classes consist of workouts focused on abs, planks, burpees, mountain climbers, squats, etc., all performed on yoga mats to protect your body from injury and along to great music from every genre and all corners of the world” Mercedes said. 

Mercedes offers a variety of classes and class packages to meet your needs. “We have a one-hour class and a 45-minute express class,” she said. “In the express class, you can wear ankle weights, which aren’t typically used in Pilates, but I added them for a more intense workout.” Both classes use two-pound dumbbells and resistance bands.

Class pricing and packages include your first class for free, $25 for a single drop-in, a 6-class deal for $80 and an unlimited monthly package for $125. “If you bring a friend and they sign up for the unlimited monthly package, you get a free class!” Mercedes added. She will also be offering student deals and other specials around the holidays and in the future.

Mercedes is also taking every safety precaution as it relates to COVID-19. “We have 10 people in each class, masks available, hand sanitizer, and place tape on the floor so clients know their spot,” she said. 

Get your sweat and groove on with MFITNESS Inferno Hot Pilates and visit or visit on Instagram @_mfitness5.