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Style Savvy: Spring Style Must Haves



My favorite part of every seasonal transition is the opportunity to revamp and refresh my wardrobe. The change of seasons is every fashion, style, and shopping lover’s opportunity to go for that new piece that they have been eyeballing, or to try out that new trend that they have been following for the change in weather. Perhaps the most exciting part of this upcoming transition in general is the change from winter to full fledged spring weather. Say goodbye to heavy winter jackets and hello to these four new key pieces that everyone should add to their wardrobe for this upcoming season.

White Sneakers:

Sneakers are always a good idea. And while they have been trending for the last year or two now, white sneakers will not be going out of style anytime soon. They are the perfect addition to any casual outfit, whether it be a light sweater and a pair of skinny jeans or a t-shirt and a pair of yoga leggings. Look for a “lifestyle” type of sneaker to give casual vibes without looking too “gym class”.

The Tote Bag:

Believe it or not, the tote is coming back this season in full force. A high-quality tote bag is a great asset to any wardrobe, both for its versatility and for its ability to virtually fit your entire life into it. From students, to moms, to busy professionals, this style is a must-have for all seasons, but is especially great for the busy spring months.

Statement Sunglasses:

These are by far one of my favorite accessories. A great pair of statement sunglasses can elevate any look; from the super casual to the super formal. When picking a pair of shades for the season, keep in mind quality over quantity. Because remember, in addition to wanting them to be durable and last, sunglasses are more than just an accessory-they protect your eyes from the sun! Try this color combo: black with gold hardware.

Nude Sandals:

The weather is finally warming, which means that you can do away with those heavy snow boots and go for something much cooler and lighter, such as a nice pair of sandals. The key here is to go for a material that is sturdy but not too heavy, so that you have a durable shoe that you won’t mind wearing in the hotter weather as the spring continues. My go-to shade? A light, versatile nude that will go with virtually any nail polish color or outfit that you wear for the day.

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