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Annual “One” Exhibit At ArtsWorcester


Molly Prior

Local art has always had a rich tradition and history in Worcester, and this winter is no exception. From December through mid-January, ArtsWorcester will be presenting its annual “One” exhibit. This will be the seventh annual “One” exhibit, and will feature creative works from local artists and members of ArtsWorcester, giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills and expression to the community. ArtsWorcester, is a local art museum that is dedicated to showcasing local, up and coming artists, as well as more well known artist galleries across the New England region. According to its website, the gallery opened in 1979 and has been a staple to the Worcester arts and culture scene ever since. Two years ago, in 2017, ArtsWorcester was given a new home in the historic Printers Building on Portland Street. Apart from art exhibits, ArtsWorcester runs other events such as “teen night” workshops, artist talks and gallery tours. The “One” exhibit began seven years ago when the staff of ArtsWorcester felt as though there needed to be an opportunity for anyone and everyone to be able to submit their artwork to the gallery. Prior to the “One”, all of the exhibits in ArtsWorcester always had a theme, and not every member could be in the gallery if their piece did not fit the current theme. That is when they came up with the idea of the “One”, so that everyone would have a chance to participate and see their work on display. From there, it became an annual event due to positive member and audience response. “Any artist, regardless of experience, can become a member of ArtsWorcester and pay the annual fee of $55 a year and submit their work to the “One” exhibit,” said Juliet Feibel, the Executive Directior of ArtsWorcester. “Our members and artists who submit range from those just starting out to some of the most accomplished in New England.” Feibel also talked about how she thinks the event is an important opportunity for emerging artists to not be nervous or intimidated, even if someone is just starting out. “Every time you submit your artwork to a gallery, you demonstrate that you are serious and committed about your work and what you do,” Feibel said. “Even if it’s your first gallery, then you get to learn about how it all works. You can also see how more experienced people are working and developing their ideas, and how you might make changes in the future.” Feibel also encourages people from any and every background to visit the gallery, saying that it is a learning experience and something that they won’t forget. “The “One” exhibit is an incredible snapshot of diverse talents in the region,” Feibel said. “At ArtsWorcester, we also recognize that not everyone is familiar with going out and looking at art, and we take that into consideration when planning our exhibits. This many exhibitions in one place make it engaging and entertaining for everyone.” Fiebel also talked about how she thinks it is important for local artists to be able to showcase their work, and how this contributes to the community. The museum curators will also distribute cash prizes to a few works from the exhibition. “This year we are anticipating works from over 200 artists,” Fiebel said. “It’s a great opportunity for people to come together that may not typically be brought together and see the art that is being produced in the community.” ArtsWorcester also has many other exciting programs and opportunities for artists out there who want to join the gallery or refine and improve on their skills. They have opportunities for solo exhibitions, a mini grant program, and an artist skills business development program. Tickets for the “One” gallery are free and require no reservation. For more information, visit ArtsWorcester’s website at

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