Rachel Shuster

Located in the Lakeway Commons at 193 Boston Turnpike #6110, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Lash Lounge is a salon offering expertise and services related to all things lashes.

General Manager, Lisa Callahan has been with Lash Lounge in Shrewsbury from the start. “John Donahue is the owner, and I started with him last February when we were getting ready to open,” she said. The salon officially opened in November 2018.

Callahan was good friends with Donahue’s sister and that’s where the connection originated. “She said I should work with John in this business, so we met. He explained Lash Lounge’s philosophy, culture, the corporate goals, and it sounded fantastic,” she said.

Callahan did not always work in the beauty industry, having a great variety of other career experiences. “I am actually a licensed attorney, and even though I don’t practice, the skills still come in handy!” she said. “I was also in healthcare at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical center in Boston as a practice assistant and mystery shopper!”

While this Lash Lounge location is in Shrewsbury, Lash Lounge is actually a franchise. “It started in Dallas, Texas in 2006 by Anna Phillips. She opened a salon to do lash extensions and it just caught on and exploded,” Callahan said.

From there, Lash Lounge developed franchises and currently has 79 stores across the country. “We were the first to open in MA, but we also have a location at Assembly Row in Somerville and are on target to open another soon,” Callahan said.

As for the salon’s services, the bulk is lash extensions although other services are available as well. “Most of our services take place right above your nose and below your forehead,” Callahan joked.

A set of classic lashes is 99 dollars, and a set of volume lashes is 139 dollars. A lash perm is 80 dollars, while a brow and lash tinting package is 50 dollars or 30 dollars each. Brow threading is 15 dollars.

Lash Lounge has even participated in a beauty crawl with other businesses in the shopping plaza. “People come to each business and get a promo which is good for just that night,” she said. “We have champagne, snacks, etc. It’s a way to get people to see and visit all the businesses here,” Callahan added.

Lash Lounge also has Teachers’ Night, Nurses’ Night, and a Physical Fitness Industry Night which brings various people together to enjoy the salon’s services!

Callahan also mentioned that Lash Lounge partners with the community organizations, specifically, “Dress for Success” in Worcester. “We have a clothing drive for them,” she said. “One client a month gets some lashes before they go out on an interview,” Callahan added.

Beyond all the great things Lash Lounge does, one of the most notable is how personal and customizable they and their services are for their clients.

“We would love to explain the process to you,” Callahan said. “People can call, have a consultation, and learn about the services. It is completely driven by them. We don’t want anyone to walk out unhappy,” she added.

According to Callahan, “There is a science to it – it’s not just lashes. We ask if they want silk or mink, what length, etc. It’s very customized for each person. The biggest goal is to maintain health of their own eyelashes. There is a huge education piece and our stylists work with people to understand everything.”

For more information, visit www.thelashlounge.com/salons/shrewsbury/ or call (774) 462-5274.