5 Consumer Electronics Innovations

Merilee Kern

With the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) poised to take Las Vegas by storm yet again this January, tech gadgets and gear are top-of-mind this time of year. For those keen on learning about some of today’s top tech innovations without the need for airfare, here are five of my top picks that are revolutionizing their respective industries.

Eterno Red LED Light Device

Home-based beauty is a burgeoning category, and here’s a fantastic invention in kind: The Eterno Device – a four-week facelift you can use at home instead of those creams and masks that just don’t work. This new, time-saving device is clinically proven to use NASA’s red and infrared LED light therapy, the most innovative, age-defying technology on the planet. Its patented glass head is powerful and gentle, and the device effectively reduces wrinkles, softens fine lines, increases collagen and elastin production, lifts and tightens skin, and improves the complexion through its technology. Eterno is a must-have for anyone who wants a fresh glow achieved in the comfort of their own home. EternoSkinCare.com.

Anova Precision Cooker Nano

The Anova Precision Cooker Nano is an appliance innovation allowing you to cook delicious, restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your own home. Paired with the Anova app, which features the world’s largest collection of sous vide recipes, this device makes it easy to cook, control and keep track of your recipe from your mobile phone. Simply choose a recipe, press start, and the Nano does the rest. Used by professional chefs for decades, sous vide is a simple and approachable technique that eliminates overcooked, dried-out food and ensures edge-to-edge perfection every time. Whether it’s steak, chicken, fish, vegetables or even crème brûlée, with the Anova Precision Cooker Nano anyone can cook like a pro! AnovaCulinary.com.

Sharkbanz Shark Attack Deterrent 

This product is a real life-saver, literally! It’s Sharkbanz, a convenient shark deterrent for the beach-goer, swimmer and surfer. Created by surfers and divers and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species, Sharkbanz use patented magnetic technology to interfere with sharks’ sensitive electroreceptors. Sharkbanz doesn’t harm sharks or other sea creatures, uses no batteries, requires no charging and is designed to endure rigorous water sports. And, $1 of every Midnight-Bimini Sharkbanz design sold benefits the warrior surf foundation – a surf therapy organization for veterans. Sharkbanz.com.

Funcl Earbuds

Funcl is a hardware startup devoted to making true wireless headphones accessible to everyone with price points starting at $19. The company recently launched two models: the Funcl W1 and Funcl A1. The Funcl W1 features touch buttons on the headphones, which let you control the music and easily answer or reject calls. The product also boasts integrated, sophisticated audio engineering to support AAC and provides good sound quality and bass performance for both calls and music. Qualcomm chip powered, Funcl’s other model, the AI, provides Hi-Fi sound quality and extremely low latency. Also power-friendly, a single charge provides six hours of battery life and, with three extra charges from the case, total battery life is a full 24 hours. Ranked with a waterproof level of IPX5, Funcl A1 is well-suited for use during workouts and exercising. A free Funcl A1 app also makes the AI voice assistant feature easier and more intuitive to access. Funcl.com.

VocoPro Pop-Up Oke

Here’s a great gadget for singers and fun-seekers who would enjoy an all-in-one wireless karaoke mic with a built-in mixer/speaker, complete with its own light show. From audio leader VocoPro, the Pop-Up-Oke microphone can connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and use YouTube or any number of different karaoke apps to access and enjoy hours of entertainment. Singers can also use the on-board MP3 SD/TF player to perform with recorded MP3 tracks. The multi-color LED lights can be turned on or off and, when on, will automatically “dance” to the beat of the music to add a visual excitement to any karaoke session. VocoPro.com.

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