Tis the season to look for holiday gifts! No matter who is on your list, we’ve got ideas to get your shopping done quick!

For Women

These gifts are perfect for any woman in your life who needs to de-stress during the chaotic holidays.

Honey Belle Bath Bombs
Honey Belle Bath Bombs could be just what the women in your life need after the hectic holidays are over. Give the gift of relaxation with bath bombs that leave you feeling fresh, confident, peaceful and beautiful. Individual bath bombs start at $3 or purchase a four-pack for $22; honeybelleshop.com.

Flower Pot Tea Company
The Flower Pot Tea Company has made tea drinking a beautiful and delicious experience. The company makes green tea infused with the essence of fruit flavors wrapped in delicate dried flowers. When boiling water is added to the tea, the flowers bloom before your eyes in a clear teapot. The company sells clear teapots, various flavors of blooming teas and pastries, all starting at less than $100. Prices vary, flowerpottea.com.

Ethique Face Sampler
The Ethique Face Sampler is a great way to let the woman in your life chose the product that works best for her skin type. The Ethique brand believes in the power of natural ingredients to create cosmetics, so products are effective, gentle and safe for the environment and your skin. The sampler includes the Bliss Bar, The Perfector, Saving Face Serum, Gingersnap and In Your Face. Pricing starts at $18.50; ethiquebeauty.com.

One Tough Bitch
After her second diagnosis of cancer, founder Shelly Fisher decided to give women a physical reminder that they are stronger than they realize. The worry and loneliness that sometimes comes following a cancer diagnosis does not need to control your life because everyone has the strength they need to continue their fight inside them already. One Tough Bitch sells clothing, jewelry and accessories ranging from $20 to more than $100 to remind women of their inner power. Pricing varies; onetoughbitch.com.


For Men

Gifts for the men in your life who always say they don’t need anything this holiday season

Straight Rye Whisky by WhistlePig
If the men in your life enjoy sipping on whisky more than wine and you don’t know which one to get, look no farther. WhistlePig award-winning Rye Whisky has been aged for 10 years by Maker’s Mark former master distiller, Dave Pickerell. Prices start at $80; thewhiskyexchange.com.

Pico Model C (PicoBrew)
Craft breweries are popping up all over Massachusetts these days, and the Pico Model C lets you take the brewery home. This countertop appliance lets the beer-lover in your life create their very own brew pub-quality craft beer. It’s easy to use, and in just two hours, you’ve got five liters of freshly brewed beer. All you need to do is add yeast and allow time for fermentation. $349; picobrew.com.

The Dollar Shave Club
The Dollar Shave Club offers an affordable monthly subscription to receive shaving products, but that’s not all the club carries. Their products include shaving, hair care, skin care and even oral care. Choose from numerous products that will help make the men in your life feel more confident and clean. Perhaps the best part about this club is that everything on the website is affordable and high-quality. Prices vary; dollarshaveclub.com.

Man Crates
Man Crates are an incredible gift for the men in your life. Choose from many crates filled with unique gifts just for men, ranging from a hot sauce-making crate to a travel survival pack and many, many more. There is a Man Crate for practically every interest or hobby, and you can choose from a range of pricing options. Prices vary; mancrates.com.


For Couples

Here are gifts perfect for those couple friends you don’t want to forget.

The C10 Turntable by Crosley Radio
Any music-lover knows that nothing compares to listening to your favorite albums on vinyl. The C10 Turntable uses a low-vibration synchronous motor and shock-absorbent feet for reduced vibration and superb sound quality. The modern, sleek design will make it a great fit for any home. Starting at $270, amazon.com.

Travelers by Danielle Dalgin
If you know someone expecting a baby or someone who already has children, you know that going out means taking a lot more than just your wallet and keys. There are diapers, feeding bottles, toys, wipes and the list goes on. Life is stressful enough; these bags will help to make traveling around a little easier with bags for every situation, from “Feed Me” to “Entertain Me.” Pricing varies, starting at $55 for four bags; easybabytravelers.com.

Lorena Canals Wall Decor
Lorena Canals Wall Decor will make an excellent gift for any couple in your life starting off in their new home or apartment or anyone looking for something to add to the home. There are numerous, individually handmade designs to choose from with geometric, Aztec and Moroccan inspirations. $65-$69; lorenacanals.us.

Java Sok
The Java Sok is the perfect gift for someone who carries iced coffee or tea everyday. The Java Sok stops the condensation from the cup dripping all over the desk, the car and clothes when you pick it up. It keeps drinks cold, stops them from rattling around in the cupholder while you drive and keeps your hands warm so you can enjoy your iced coffee, even when there’s snow on the ground. Prices start at $9.99; javasok.com.


For Kids

Sometimes shopping for the children in your family can be challenging. There are hundreds of games and toys to choose from as the holiday season begins. This list will help you find affordable gifts that the children in your family will love while they explore their creativity.

Rescue Runts
Rescue Runts are the perfect gift to help kids rescue their own puppy. These soft, plush puppies come in need of some extra love and a good bath. Their matted fur, fake fleas and even tears in their eyes will steal your heart. Rescue Runts need grooming every day, like real puppies, and eventually become messy again so kids can rescue them all over. Rescue Runts are recommended for children age 3 and up. $19.99; walmart.com.

Hair Chalk by NuMe
Hair Chalk by NuMe is a fun and affordable gift for children of all ages. Many children like the idea of experimenting with their hair color. Hair Chalk allows you to give the children in your life the hair they want with none of the risk or expense of hair dye. NuMe provides a range of colors and packages. Prices start as low as $4.99; numeusa.com.

Infinifun My First Yoga Mat
The Infinifun My First Yoga Mat helps kids develop concentration skills, awareness of the body, balance and fine motor skills through basic yoga poses. The interactive mat will guide kids through seven yoga poses and fun games that will become more and more challenging as your child begins to master the basics. $49.99; amazon.com.

Catan is one of the best-selling games of the year. Players build roads, settlements and eventually cities, but surviving and thriving in your new settlement is the hard part. See which one of your friends will thrive in this exciting strategy game. This is a great game for children 10 and older. Prices start at $44; amazon.com.


For Coworkers

Gifts to get for the people you work with, or you work for, that aren’t gift cards.

Tiny Arcade
Tiny Arcade is exactly what it sounds like. Choose from the games Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man Galaxian or Space Invaders and relive the video game glory days, only smaller. Just put in the batteries, and the tiny high-resolution screen will transport your coworker back to the days when getting the high score was all that mattered. Prices start at $19.99; thinkgeek.com.

Jelly Belly Classic Cocktails
Drinking at the office is only permitted during the annual holiday party, but why not have the flavors of favorite cocktails year round? Jelly Belly has a box of Classic Cocktail jelly beans with none of the alcohol. Each box has five flavors, including a peach bellini and a pina colada. Prices start at $8; amazon.com.

Chilly Mama Baking Soda Fridge And Freezer Odor Absorber & Freshener Holder
The Chilly Mama Fridge and Freezer Odor Absorber is perfect for the office fridge. This little mama will keep the scent of everyone’s forgotten leftovers under control. All you have to do is fill with baking soda, and Chilly Mama was eliminate odors and keep food fresh for months. Prices start at $13.99, amazon.com.

Supply Station Desk Accessory Holder by KitoDesign
The Supply Desk Accessory is a gift for your office mate with a good sense of humor. This fun, little art deco desk accessory includes a pen holder, a tape dispenser, a memo/card holder and a paperclip holder. A great gag gift, as it is nicknamed the “butt station,” a little figure sits on a toilet that serves as your paperclip holder, while holding out the tape dispenser. Prices start at $13.95, amazon.com.