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TheSTYLEList: In January, dress for warmth


The holiday rush is behind us, and we can finally start to build our bank accounts back to a respectable place. A new year is here, and things are looking up ~ if only this weather wasn’t still holding us back. With at least two more months of crippling winter temperatures and constant threats of snowstorms, dressing for this weather is still one of the worst parts of your day. It is so hard to look decent when all you want to do is curl up in bed and hide from the so-called winter wonderland. Although it is not over yet, here’s hoping a few extra words of advice about dressing for the cold can help out.

Where cold-weather clothing is concerned, there are few rules to live by. Layering should be a no-brainer for us New Englanders. Try to wear an additional long-sleeve shirt under your outfits if you know you’ll be travelling for the day ~ as long as it does not create any funky lines. A collared shirt under a sweater or long-sleeve top is an ingenious way to layer while still looking put together and classy this winter.

I also cannot stress enough how important it is to think about the inevitable possibility of moisture. City girls beware ~ don’t get stuck outside in nothing but your pea coat (as cute as it may be). Go for a slightly less stylish, but exponentially more practical, waterproof alternative to outwear if possible. Don’t have the cash to blow on a new hard-core New Englander down jacket? Get a slightly larger purse and keep an umbrella in it at all times. You’ll be glad you did.

Accessories can make or break any outfit, especially in the freezing weather, where even the chunkiest ankle-length North Face jacket means nothing if your head or hands are exposed. In that larger purse you’re carrying, always make sure you have an extra pair of gloves on you, as these do tend to get lost easily. Also, make sure your footwear is practical. Fleece boot inserts and wool socks are readily available at almost any clothing store; they’re super cheap and fun to collect, too.

Furthermore, it is actually lucky for us that bigger is better this winter. The days of our closets being full of nothing but bandage skirts and bodycon dresses are dwindling, as fashion-forward, oversized silhouettes such as boyfriend jeans, drawstring bottoms and tunics are becoming more of a mainstay. So don’t be ashamed of your love for baggy sweaters and all things cozy; use it to your advantage this winter! Oversized clothing is also perfect for packing on the layers and staying cozy.

So next time you’re too cold to move, I hope these tips help. Just remember that these days of blizzards and chronic sleepiness are numbered!

By Stacia Kindler

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