December is here, and the holiday season is upon us again ~ a whole month packed full of family, friends, parties, dinners and just about as much celebrating as you can handle. But what to wear? In between work, finishing your holiday shopping and shuffling from place to place, it is easy to forget about this small detail. Whether you’re hitting the town with friends or enjoying some needed family time, these easy outfits will rise to the occasion.

Friends Party
A get together at a friend’s house most likely has a laid-back vibe and gives you a chance to be fun and trendy with your holiday garb. Try mixing and matching streetwear fashion (like boyfriend jeans) with embellished tops and heels for a look that’s both comfy and true to your fashion sense.

Office Party
This one can be a little bit tricky, as you want to show off your fashion sense while still keeping a level of modesty in front of your co-workers. If you are going with a dress, balance how much skin you’re showing. For example, find a cocktail dress with chic sleeves or show off those arms in a maxi. Break the mold a bit with a fancy pantsuit or go glam with a jumper and blazer. This will show your co-workers that you can roll with the most fashionable of them while still staying comfortable (and covered).

Holiday Dinner
Usually a family holiday tradition or a chance to catch up with in-laws or old friends, this is your chance to keep it classy. Think traditional without looking like you just came from a job interview. A little bit of bling paired with a modest, yet fashionable, midi skirt will do just that.

New Year’s Eve Bash
New Year’s is a time to reflect on your past year and look forward to making 2015 the best one yet ~ and what better way to celebrate than with a star-studded ensemble. When it comes to NYE, glamour and glitz is not only expected but encouraged, so why not go all out? Pick up something with plenty of sparkle, like a sequined dress or glitter-embellished accessories and finish off your outfit with show-stopping heels.

Getting from A to B
One holiday detail that gets overlooked is all of the travelling you’ll be doing getting yourself to all of these engagements. A last minute pit stop always has to be made, so don’t get caught in your pajamas in line at the drug store, or even worse, last night’s outfit. Make sure you keep your favorite pair of jeans and a nice fitted jacket in your car or in your travel purse this month; you never know when plans might change!

By Stacia Kindler