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Trending: The unique and the eco-friendly

Fashion is about more than just what’s on the runways. It’s about clothing that feels good on your body, is fair trade and eco-friendly and makes a difference in the lives of others. Here are a few companies that offer unique looks or are making the world a better place ~ or both!

BeGood offers eco-friendly clothing that’s actually affordable. The company sells direct to the consumer, thereby bypassing the middleman and the markups that come along with that process. Snag $15 organic cotton T-shirts for men and women, organic cotton poplin button-down shirts for women, a bamboo and organic cotton blend of tank tops for women, as well as two styles made from biodegradable silk. Now, BeGood is adding new T-shirts for men and women, as well as henleys, sweaters, socks and scarves. So, get global and still have money for coffee!

Goldleaf Collection
FASHIONPICKGoldleafAurelie’s Goldleaf Collection was born out of a love for vintage fashion and old-world glamour. Goldleaf defines “boho-chic” at every level, and there’s a design for every budget! Built with quality, yet easy to care for, fabrics; a broad color palette; and delicate embellishments unique to each collection, these fashions are perfect for the fun-loving, feminine woman of any age! From the drape of the fabric to the sparkle of the beadwork, Goldleaf is a perfect fit, whether worn with a favorite pair of jeans, for celebrating a special event or occasion, or for having a night out on the town.

J. Taylor Couture
J. Taylor Couture is a high-end, high-quality and entirely unique collection of women’s wear. Honing into detail, the collection embraces chic silhouettes, color palettes and embellishments that bring works of art to the wardrobes of fashionistas all over the map. J. Taylor Couture allows the fashion-forward individual to embrace her unique style. Ranging from sheer, nature-inspired pieces to unique material and textile combinations, J. Taylor Couture offers a stunning assortment.

U-Lace, the innovative customizable alternative to conventional laces, was essentially designed for a sole purpose ~ to customize sneakers with amazing color and awesome designs.  However, since hitting the global market in nearly 50 countries, U-Lace has taken on a life of its own using appealing fashion to provide everyday function. Because U-Lace holds sneakers securely on the feet without the need to tie, they transform every pair into convenient slip-ons, eliminating the frustration and difficulty that can often accompany shoelace tying for those with injuries, disabilities or ailments.  Plus, they’re just plain fun!

Out of Print
For those casual days, check out Out of Print clothing’s Literary Inspired T-Shirt collection. Out of Print licenses and designs original artwork from iconic literary classics to create unique conversation starters in the form of apparel, tote bags, iPhone cases, stationery items, accessories and novelty gift items. And the best part about Out of Print Clothing is that for each item purchased, a book is donated to a community in need, thanks to the company’s partnership with Books for Africa. It’s fashionable and philanthropic ~ perfect for those with an edgy storybook style!