Every fashionista knows that putting together a great look can often be fraught with problems, annoyances or plain old doldrums. However, ever-clever apparel and accessory designers are continually bringing innovations to market that help ensure your efforts to rock chic, stylish and fresh looks don’t hit a snag. Check out these products to create an unforgettable look.

Tees By Tina Body Flattering Fashions
Sick of the never-ending search for fashions that have a flattering fit and are also comfortable enough to wear all day or night? Look no further than Tees by Tina ~ an ultra-comfortable fashion solution for every woman. Ideal for both day and play, Tees by Tina offers a complete lifestyle collection of tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, leggings, active and maternity wear. The garments are all crafted using seamless technology and a blend of the soft yarns with incredible memory so the body-hugging products are “always your size.” This clothing line really is “one size fits all” and can be worn as standalone items or in layers. $55-$85, teesbytina.com.

custom_tshirtsSpreadshirt Custom Clothing
Sometimes, the clothing you want to wear doesn’t exist ~ yet. Luckily, Spreadshirt is here to make your customized clothing wishes come true. If you don’t have your own design idea, you can find designs created by other fashion fanatics. From T-shirts and hoodies to backpacks and dorm accessories, Spreadshirt has more than 150 products to choose from ~ all customizable. All designs may be placed on any available products. Starting at $18.90, spreadshirt.com.

487298106_1280x720High Heel Wraps
High Heel Wraps are a clever solution that transforms the look of high heels both inside and out, expanding your wardrobe options. They even make your high heels more comfortable, and who wouldn’t love that? These removable wraps, available in a wide variety of designs and colors, make it quick and easy to change the look of high heels for any occasion. The functional benefits of this product are noteworthy. For one, the heel cushion and padded insole provide an enhanced level of comfort. Also, the product’s friction-reducing grips will decrease slippage. An optional removable strop provides for even more support. $19.95, alasdesignsllc.com.

BGL02-NABody Glide for Her Anti-Chafing Solution
Chafing. Need I say more? It’s annoying, it hurts, and it can actually mark and scar the body. This is why I love Body Glide for Her. The product is ideal for sensitive areas where rubbing from your undergarments and clothing is irritating or causes chafing. Use it with bras and sports bras or any other undergarment or clothing item to alleviate the abrasive feeling. It’s also great for feet. Formulated with Vitamin F Forte to help keep skin soft and moisturized, the Body Glide brand is an effective barrier against both skin-on-skin and clothing-on-skin rubbing. $7.99-$9.99, bodyglide.com.

Clipa Instant Handbag Hanger
When you have a stylish handbag, the last place you want to put it is on the floor ~ especially in restaurants, bathrooms or other public places. Clipa, which means “instant” in Romanian, is a decidedly attractive handbag hanger that goes on ~ not in ~ the bag for quick and easy use at any time. The name might be Romanian, but Clipa is made in the USA, holds up to 45 pounds and won’t tarnish. Clipa’s “can’t lose” auto close system stays on your bag and works nearly anywhere. Also fashion-adaptable, Clipa comes in a variety of colors, designs and metals, including titanium, hematite, brushed gold and silver. $14.99-$39.99, clipa.us.

image001PhoneFetcher Cell Phone Tether
We’ve all been there … digging around your purse, backpack or bag for a cell phone that’s buried deep in the abyss. Now you can keep it on a short and stylish leash instead. PhoneFetcher allows you to summon your device by following the leash right to your phone. This simple, low-cost tether uses a specially engineered plug that inserts into a cell phone ear jack. PhoneFetcher connects on the opposite end to a handbag, purse, gym bag, backpack, baby bag, belt loop and more. Available in three styles: a stretchable “sport” bungee model in nine colors, a “chain” model in three finishes and a jeweled “bling” model in nine colors. $12.99-$18.99, phonefetcher.com.

By Merilee Kern

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