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End your summer with a sizzle


This summer, why not take a break from the beach and come inside ~ even if it’s only for day. John Murphrey would love to see you at the Sprinkler Factory.

“I am a retired person who has always been an artist and is now working full time at producing art and working in the arts world as a member of artists’ organizations and as a member of the board of directors for two organizations,” said Murphrey, exhibit host of the August “Summer Sizzles Art Show.” The show, taking place at the Sprinkler Factory, will allow local artists to display what they have to offer to the art world.

Murphrey explained that the Sprinkler Factory has been a hub for local artists but only very recently.

Sprinkler Factory“Most artists in the Worcester area have never heard of the nonprofit Sprinkler Factory until the last couple of years, and it has primarily been a venue for the artists who work in their studios and crafts studios there. There is a website ~ ~ which is linked to the Worcester Cultural Connection website, and some people learn about the shows via that site or other such sites.”

The Sprinkler Factory itself is run by a board of directors. Building owner Paul Conger runs the nonprofit, and Luis Fraire is the gallery manager. The nonprofit gallery, located on Harlow Street, provides an affordable space for artists of all ages, and artists present their work to a committee, which selects works for various shows. Murphrey, who is on the committee, has been working hard to give the Sprinkler Factory some more notoriety in the city.

“Those of us who have spaces in the SF building and/or are members of the board are trying to improve on how the gallery and the building are presented to local and wider forums. As a member of the River’s Edge Arts Alliance and a member of their Visual Arts Committee, I knew that the gallery space in the SF gallery was far superior to any venue they have been using for their art shows.”

“Summer Sizzles” will run through August and, when asked about the theme of the show, Murphrey replied that there is no theme, per say.


“The ‘Summer Sizzles Art Show’ is not a themed or juried show but allows artists to bring pieces they want to show of their work that best depicts their talents. I asked for volunteers from the visual artists/photographers from the REAA to join Randy Shore, a photographer from the Sprinkler Factory, and I to mount a summer show in August there. There are 14 members from that group in the August show, including professional artists and one pre-teen from that group.”

If you want your summer to end with a splash of art from local talent, come by the Sprinkler Factory this August and start seeing what our city has to offer.

The Sprinkler Factory is at 36 Harlow St., Worcester. The “Summer Sizzles Art Show” will run though Aug. 30. The gallery is open from 1-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Entrance is free, but donations are encouraged. For more information, visit

By Kevin Swenson

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