By Stacia Kindler

Typically, being decked out in all of the season’s latest trends takes a backseat on the swashbuckling, Guinness-swigging holiday that is St. Patrick’s Day, which may be a nice break for the style-obsessed during this particularly rambunctious celebration. Festivities are especially beloved in our home state of Massachusetts, where the Irish-American population is plentiful and ready to party come the 17th of March.

The holiday is celebrated in countries around the world in honor of the patron saint of Ireland on the day of his death, in which wearing the color green in tribute to the Emerald Isle, decorating our homes in shamrocks and letting loose at local parades have all become routine among the Irish and non-Irish alike, along with many other cultural and religious traditions.

Somewhere along the line, however, the clothing norm on this holiday turned into a glittery, costumey mess, pumping out “Kiss Me I’m Irish” T-shirts faster than you can order another round. Although it is a nice change of pace to get down and dirty in your play clothes, chugging green beer with the best of them, I vote we collectively leave the leprechaun Halloween costume home this year and save it for the parade performers. But wait, how do we celebrate without T-shirts that announce how drunk we are? The solution is actually very simple.

First, consider that it may be time to hand down your favorite St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt to your younger sister in exchange for one that makes you look old enough to be in a bar, such as one sporting a traditional Irish beer logo like Guinness or Murphy’s. Not a T-shirt girl? You don’t exactly have to wear a flashing shamrock on your sweater to get noticed. For a night out on this St. Patrick’s Day, anything green should do ~ whether it be emerald or mint, evergreen or olive. Try a pop of green in the form of a scarf or flats.

Accessories are everywhere for this holiday ~ from gaudy top hats to four-leaf clover sunglasses. It is hard to resist at least one holiday-themed accessory in preparation for a rowdy night out. Even bars and pubs are passing out flashing pins and necklaces, so don’t be afraid to join in some of the fun, especially when it comes to freebies.

For those of you having a low-key night in, green nail polish, a little shamrock face paint, even a drop or two of food coloring into your favorite beer are great ways to celebrate St. Patrick while still looking your age and staying (somewhat) classy.

No matter what your big plans are on this St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to find your happy medium when it comes to embellishing yourself in holiday charms and have fun romping around in your T-shirt and jeans.