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04.13 One fan’s role of a lifetime


By Mike Wood

Jeremy Carnrike saw his first Superman film in theaters when he was just 3, and a fascination with the Man of Steel has been in his DNA ever since.

“I can remember putting the bathroom towel around my neck and trying to fly my mother off to safety on plenty of occasions,” he said with a laugh.

We introduced you to Carnrike last year, when he was just about to embark on shooting a fan film based on his favorite comic book character. Now, with production complete on Superman: The Golden Child, we checked back in with the Worcester native to see what the experience was like.

While he was cast as his hero’s arch nemesis, Lex Luthor, Carnrike’s love all things Super still reigns supreme. His fascination with the superhero goes beyond his super powers and has much to do with the iconic character’s humanity.

“Everyone would love to fly, move faster than is reasonable, be stronger than necessary. There is an appeal to every part of being Superman. But with all these abilities, [Superman] is still a champion for the people. As much as he is fantasy, he is also hope,” said the 32-year-old actor and entertainer.

Carnrike wanted to be a part of Superman: The Golden Child because he loves being an entertainer in many capacities. He saw the casting notice on a fan site and decided to submit himself. He thinks taking on this acting challenge was simply a step in the right direction to further himself as an actor while doing something he could be involved in from the ground up.

“It was awesome to work on something I enjoy and already had half the knowledge for,” Carnrike said. He even helped build the sets while shooting in Texas for 1½ weeks in August.

With one of his childhood dreams forever captured on video for fans worldwide to see, Carnrike wants to keep his creative juices percolating. He credits making the movie for helping him get back on track and into the writing mode. While there are no immediate plans for a Superman: The Golden Child sequel, Superman is never too far from his heart or his fingertips. Carnrike is currently working on two of his own Superman scripts.

Carnrike also says it’s time for him to get back to “rocking some venues” with his band, East Coast Runaways, since it’s been more than a year since the group played a live gig.

“Entertainment is my passion. Playing music for a crowd, recording music in a studio, acting on a stage or in front of a camera is what I am supposed to be doing.”

It’s just in his DNA.

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Photos courtesy of Taylor Moehnke Photography

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