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02.13 PulseBOOKS: ‘Orchids for Lila’ ~ by September Roberts


By Shelly Aucoin

September Roberts got her start writing fan fiction for the Southern Vampire Mysteries (inspiration for True Blood) on before eventually moving to Her fan fiction stories are full of sexy encounters with the 1,000-year-old Viking vampire, Eric Northman, and the telepathic human barmaid, Sookie Stackhouse.

September quickly collected a major following and has now graduated to writing her own original novels. Her first book, Orchids for Lila (released in November), is about a young woman who falls in love with a vampire. The Orchids for Lila e-book is available from

Lila Ray is a college student and aspiring botanist who spends most of her time studying or hanging out with her elderly father. She doesn’t have time for the unimpressive men she meets and is getting close to graduation. Lila’s not classically sexy, with her pixie cut and thin figure, but when she meets the tall, handsome, charismatic Jack Hall, he makes her feel like a goddess.

Jack and Lila fall for each other and quickly develop an intense sexual relationship that threatens to swallow them both. Although she’s scared at first, she can’t resist the sexy vampire and takes the news exceptionally well when he reveals his dark secret. The problem is vampires aren’t very approving of relationships with humans, and Jack’s world threatens to tear them apart. Lila has a lot of questions, but Jack isn’t allowed to answer them. What other secrets are between them?

Unlike many romance writers, Roberts isn’t stingy with the action, and readers get the first steamy scene early in the book. Fans of the Fifty Shades trilogy and The Crossfire trilogy will definitely enjoy Orchids for Lila. Though it is tamer than the E. L. James series, readers do get lots of erotica; there’s even a touch of BDSM and a vampire sex club.

The author’s most popular fan fiction story is Getaway, which you can read for free on at She also has several short stories and one-shots, all of which are impossible to put down once you start reading. Best of all, she believes that every story should end with a happily ever after.

September Roberts is a vegetarian who lives in Utah and bakes when she isn’t writing. Her love of nature led her to earn a degree in botany after exploring most of the western United States in her youth. Her author web page is


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