By Katey Khaos

Looking for something to help decorate your room this Halloween season, but are tired of the same ol’ pumpkins and ghosts? Nadilyn’s Creations, created by Nadilyn Beato, offers up some cutesy and gory critters that are sure to make you scream (in both delight and fear)!

Nadilyn’s art ranges from 2D prints to 3D sculptures, and includes custom orders (t-shirts etc.,), each with its own ghoulish appeal.

The stars of the show are her very own creations called “Fuzz Puffs.” As Nadilyn explains, “These little guys [and girls] are little demon puffs that live in subways and parks and travel in ‘puff packs.’ They kill humans that litter and eat them. They then use their skeletons to make various types of art.” They come in a variety of colors, and can even be custom ordered, giving their future owner a one-of-a-kind puff.

The idea for these fuzzy demons was born on April 22, 2011. “I drew this crappy looking fuzz [“Original Fuzz, pictured left] after I sketched one on the subway,” Nadilyn says. “Since then I just kept working on ’em. The idea for how they live comes from my passion for the environment and my dislike for humans that contribute to pollution.”

In addition to her Fuzz Puffs and other creatures, Nadilyn also focuses on realistic illustrations of animals, too!

If you’d like your own Fuzz Puff, or to check out all of the amazing art Nadilyn creates, check out and!