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07.12 Up & Comers


Satellites Fall’s Lines On the Road

By Alex Kantarelis

Satellites Fall has been bringing their unique sound to clubs all over the state and are now reaching out to even more fans with their new 5 song EP called Lines On the Road.

The band was formed by Davey Moore and Mark Charron, who started the project nearly a decade ago.  Charron, originally a classically trained pianist, and Moore, originally a drummer, decided they wanted to learn how to play guitar.  They both bought acoustic guitars and learned how to play by writing songs together in their college dorm.  Since (at the time) they weren’t the best guitarists, they opted not to play covers but instead write all their own material.  As the years went by, they kept on playing ~ and finally decided it was time to put the project into full effect.

Those simple acoustic based songs evolved into so much more as the duo recruited other members, turned into a full band, and hit the studio to record Lines On the Road, their debut EP.  The songs that were written so long ago in their dorm room turned into massive productions with layers upon layers of different sounds.  Combine a variety of guitars with keyboards, organs, synth, strings and as many vocals as you can cram into a track, and you get their sound.  So imagine a brit-indie sound that mixes elements of The Killers with elements of The Cure.  Most bands who add so much to their recordings struggle to match that sound live ~ but when SR plays live, all the added elements are still there, playing over a computer, creating a live sound that is 100% authentic to the recording.

Charron, a native of Holden, is big fan of playing in the 508.  “I love Worcester.  Our favorite venue to play is Ralph’s Diner.  When you walk into Ralph’s you can just feel rock and roll history,” he said.

One thing that is for sure, they don’t plan on stopping any time soon.  Their EP is currently available for FREE (so you have to download it ASAP – no excuses, people).

Whiskey Bent

By Jason Savio

Whiskey Bent is bringing back “good-time rock and roll’ to the local music scene. Fueled by music, creative energy, and a passion to perform and share their own original songs, WB is not letting up on the gas and is determined to get your attention.

Their new EP (which can be purchased on iTunes) showcases their songwriting chops and classic blue-collar-rock approach. “This was the first time in the studio for WB,” says Ray Auger, the group’s vocalist, “It was a quick process. We wanted to get the music out as soon as we could as we were writing it. Our writing process is pretty simple:  we drink, we jam on a riff and we get inspired.”

With a simple and humble writing process, WB is a do-it-yourself band that focuses on the driving force of musically creative energy: getting in a room with your buddies and jamming. While they’ll play covers, they prefer the unique satisfaction that only an original piece of music can bring.

“The real reward is playing your own music to a captive crowd,” says Auger, “When I am done I can listen back on music I created with a great bunch of guys. To me that’s priceless.”

And as for Whiskey Bent’s influences? “A few guys named Jack, Jameson and Johnnie; they are some of our bad influences we hold so dearly to our hearts,” says Auger, “We are the band you not only drink to, but drink with!”

And there, my friends, is what good-time rock and roll is all about.

The River Neva’s Chemistry of Holocaust

By Alex Kantarelis

When The River Neva got their start a few years ago, they had a 5 song demo up on Myspace that showed their talent for thrashy metal and their general avoidance of the overdone nu-metal sound that has become all too pervasive in the music scene.  Their new release ~ Chemistry of Holocaust ~ is a 5 song EP that is the next step in their evolution and adds top quality production to their already powerful sound.

The EP kicks off with a ferocious squealing intro before the beat picks up and vocalist Trey Holton introduces us to his massive deep screams that hit like a separate rhythm instrument. Holton’s screams dominate a majority of the vocals until he suddenly shows his range by melodically singing the chorus, all while keeping it heavy.  Whether he is screaming or singing, he has a voice that stands out.

Song after song, the EP ~ just over 23 minutes ~ is relentless metal riffs and pounding double-bass-filled drums.  The songs never get boring and I guarantee they’ll keep your blood pumping.

Lyrically, the songs talk about the struggles of survival during desperate times, using the symbolism of war and death.  The cover art sums everything up, showing a group of men dressed like they work on Wall Street ~ except that they’re wearing gas masks as if the world were coming to an end.

While the songwriting and musicianship is top notch, it’s the production that really brings everything together.  Rob Gil engineered the recording and brought out the best in the band.  The songs have a certain clarity to them, all the while remaining textured and heavy.  Oftentimes in the recording process, the heaviness is lost because the engineer wants to make the band sound like Katy Perry, but this recording is mixed so loud that it will peel the skin from your face. Totally heavy and totally brutal.  Check it out if you’re a true fan of metal and get off on bands like All That Remains, Fear Factory, and Converge.

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