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Hell Within’s God Grant Me Vengeance

By Bruce Sullivan

Mephistopheles here, with a warning for Earth’s mortals: Five demons from the depths of hell have escaped our underworld disguised as incredible metal/hardcore band Hell Within. Armed with a new CD entitled God Grant Me Vengeance, these 5 upstart demonic assassins are coming for your souls, and frankly Satan is unhappy. Well, say what you will, but we do follow certain decorum here. on-cd-hell-within-copy

Hell Within unleashes a fresh line-up featuring new vocalist J.J. Long, Isaias Martinez and Tony Zimmerman on guitar, and a thunderous new rhythm section of Derek Garabedian on bass and Derek Jay on drums. From the first notes of opening track “Condemning the Bloodline,” the band delivers a sonic right hook to the face that will leave listeners dazed and staggering for the rest of the disc.

Other highlights include the hard driving title track and the adrenaline fueled, surprisingly melodic “Lament for the Fallen.” Long’s powerful scream and growl combines well with the disc’s pitch black lyrics to create a hellish nightmare. “Burned beyond recognition melting skin drips fast/ a bloody trail of wreckage, slaughtering carcass…” Fearless fans of metal/hardcore will recognize God Grant Me Vengeance as this band’s strongest effort to date, but beware, lest your appointment with Satan be sooner than you think.

Kinetic Blu

By Tine Roycroft

Kinetic Blu’s hit single “September” threw the Pennsylvania-based band into the spotlight when Sony Music picked it up and released it on iTunes, Amazon and over 20 other major MP3 retailers.  With over 1 million hits on Myspace, the song had clearly struck a chord.

“I wrote the song about September because that’s when summer comes to an end,” band member Jordan White, 28, recalls.  “And even though chances are we’ll get to see another summer, there’s the possibility that we won’t.  We need to cherish everything in all moments.”

The band includes five multi-talented rockers ~ Jordan White on guitar, vocals, keyboards, Rob Lilly on back vocals and drums, Brian Kibler on guitar and vocals, and Joe Harvey in control of the bass.  The beautiful Tara Crowe’s voice acts as the feminine rose among the masculine thorns. on-cd-kinetic-blu-3-copy2

The group was most recently named’s “Next Big Thing” for October 2010 ~ a title that speaks of KineticBlu’s loyal fanbase, who voted on-line to push the band into the number one position.

And in addition to a growing portfolio of glowing press reviews and the continued success of “September,” the group also has a DVD called “KineticBlu Lucky # 90.3,” which depicts just how honest and true to the music the group is.

Kinetic Blu is currently gigging out in the Pennsylvania and New England areas. With hopes of releasing a full CD soon, they’re heading back into the studio to record new songs which promise to be as perfect as “September.”

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The New Czars’  Doomsday Revolution

By Bruce Sullivan

Pay No Attention to that Band Behind the Curtain! On second thought, do, and you’ll discover the galactic talents of The New Czars, three musical visionaries who have been conjuring musical wizardry behind the scenes for the likes of Alice Cooper, Lita Ford, Bootsy Collins, Buckethead, Bruce Dickinson, Puddle of Mudd, Courtney Love, and Pink for years. But no more! Now the New Czars are tearing down the green curtain and breaking out on their own, armed with a new recording entitled Doomsday Revolution that has the boys kicking flying monkey ass and taking names. l_e2eb2dc068ca4fe7880506ec-copy

The New Czars, singer/guitarist Greg Hampton, bassist Paul Ill, and drummer David “Chilli” Moreno, cover a wide musical spectrum. Hampton explains, “I had been raised in the South, in the blues/rock funky vein, but there are some industrial rock, pop, and progressive elements to our music.” The addition of legendary progressive guitar master Adrian Belew (King Crimson) to the mix completes the thrilling sonic picture. Think Velvet Revolver but with Tom Morello on lead guitar. Stand-out tracks include the industrial rocker “Keep on Going,” the melodic ballad “Why Do You Have 2 Lie,” and the infectious title track. One listen to the 16 atomic tracks on Doomsday Revolution and you’ll know you’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Runner Runner’s Runner Runner

By Katey Khaos

Runner Runner’s first full-length debut album has hit shelves, but is it worth a listen? Absolutely!  Even for those of you who wouldn’t ordinarily enjoy the electro pop rock sound, you won’t be able to deny how catchy this album is.  Like The Summer Set, The Friday Night Boys and Mayday Parade?  Then  check out Runner Runner. Runner Runner - 2010

The album isn’t anything groundbreaking that will take the music industry by storm, but it isn’t meant to be.  RR’s self-titled album is full of catchy hooks, acoustic guitars, electronics and auto-tuned vocals. Sure, it’s been done before, but this catchy combination works and sounds great. It’s why songs like “So Obvious” become instant radio hits ~ it’s upbeat, catchy and makes you want to own the album so you can play it again and again. This contagious energy is key to Runner Runner’s overall sound ~ and growing success.

The track list has two common themes: love and loss. Mix in some electronic beats, and those otherwise downer subjects don’t sound all that bad. This album will get anyone up and on his or her feet, regardless of how recent the breakup was or how in love you are with your brother’s girlfriend.  It’s feel-good music, in the best sense of the phrase.

Runner Runner is full of the latest songs to shout out to with friends, and it’s definitely worth a try ~ even if the hipster scene isn’t really your thing.

Thieves & Villains’ South America

By Matthew Holcomb

Thieves & Villains sophomore album, South America, is comprised of 13 quirky and catchy indie-pop rock tunes that will certainly seize a host of new fans plus satisfy any fan of the genre.

South America offers songs to make you swoon and songs to make you move ~ all accompanied by sing-a-long worthy lyrical musings.  Thieves & Villains’ staccato guitar riffs swell into youthful rock anthems all accentuated by stirring vocals that range from crooning murmurs to high end roars. vr583-copy

The album evades the common affliction of overproduction and instead is comprised of pure energy tracks from talented musicians who take extraordinary pleasure in the songs they write.

The New York natives have forcefully made their way into the limelight, rising from Alternative Press’ 2008 Unsigned Band of the Month to having their music featured on MTV/MTV2 and FUSE’s Warped Wednesday.

Since signing with Victory Records, they have drawn comparisons to bands including Vampire Weekend, Weezer, and Phoenix, and while the similarities are notable, Thieves & Villains have claimed a space of their own in the indie-pop rock genre with South America.

Those interested in sampling South America can do so through the band’s Myspace page:

Pictured: (in order) Hell Within’s album, God Grant Me Vengeance,  members of Kinetic Blu, The New Czars’ album, Doomsday Revolution, members of Runner Runner, Thieves & Villains’ album  South America.