By Mike Newford

sports-side-bexIt’s the first ever wearable, hand-held core cooling device that works before, during and even after exercise. The new BEX Runner from Cool Palms, LLC is a thin, light-weight cooling gel-pack that fits comfortably and effortlessly in the palm of the hand. The patent-pending BEX Runner is filled with a proprietary gel designed to stay cool for up to a full hour in use. This cooling helps lead to a longer workout, tolerance for a heavier workload, and a shorter recovery time ~ in other words, an overall better exercise experience.

After 4 hours in the freezer, the BEX Runner is ready for use. Just place the BEX Runner in the palm of one hand and secure it with the adjustable soft strap. The shape of the gel pack is form-fitting to maximize contact to the largest surface of the palm as possible. Although called the BEX Runner (short for Better Exercise eXperience), it can also be used effectively during biking, hiking, gardening, or just working outdoors ~ in short, any time when keeping cool is important.


How Does BEX Runner Work?

The science behind the BEX Runner technology is a combination of sports science and state-of-the-art design. The BEX Runner focuses on the unique radiator-like qualities of the palm of the hand. The key to this naturally occurring phenomenon is a unique system of blood vessels found beneath the palm surface, called arteriovenous anastomoses (AVAs), which brings heated
blood to the skin surface and returns cooled blood back to your body’s core. BEX Runner maximizes this phenomenon by keeping your body’s natural radiator (the palms) cool.

Durable, reusable and easy to clean, the BEX Runner is available at