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04.10 Fight for Your Right… for Great Entertainment


MMA Fighter Tim Sylvia

Moosin MMA is Taking Over the DCU Center

By Kim Dunbar

Worcester is in for a big fight, the biggest in the city’s history. At least when it comes to the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), that is.

On Friday, May 21 at 9pm ( live on Pay Per View at 10pm), Moosin, God of Martial Arts ~ a Korean-based promotion company ~ will bring its action-packed, highly entertaining MMA show to the DCU Center. The event is so big it will even be shown on Pay-Per-View. Moosin boasts some of the best fighters from across the world, giving new meaning to the phrase “world champion.”

“We have fighters from all over the world on every card,” said Moosin promoter Corey Fischer. “That is what is missing in this sport, a global card. That’s what we’re trying to provide.”

April’s Moosin event ~ which will be the state’s first big MMA fight night since the sport was officially sanctioned by Massachusetts in December—will be no exception. There will be ten professional fights, including co-headliners Tim Sylvia, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, and Yves Edwards, known for his infamous UFC 49 knockout win.

The card, which is being co-promoted by MMA fighter and former IBA World Super-Heavyweight and WAA World Heavyweight Champion Eric “Butterbean” Esch, is filled with former UFC and current international MMA powerhouses. It even features a few pairings of local fighters, including Leominster native Matt Lee. “We want to give the local fighters an opportunity to have a good, competitive fight,” Fischer said.

Fischer added that Moosin wanted to make sure their Worcester event had local flavor. “We’re not here to do a show and leave,” he said. “We want to be a part of the community as much as we can. We want to get to know the people.”

Fischer said Moosin is looking to build upon its local ties. In addition to appearing at the St. Patrick’s Day parade and supporting the WPD’s Give Kids a Fighting Chance boxing event, Moosin plans to send fighters to local gyms as well as participate in other community events.

In fact, the Worcester community is one of the reasons Moosin decided to host its event at the DCU Center. “We looked over every place in Massachusetts,” said Fischer. “We found that the market here was a more middle-America crowd and had a better draw. Here, we’re in everyone’s backyard.”

Fischer said people should support the event because it’s a “win-win situation for everyone involved,” and because Moosin puts on a show that promises to leave people with “goose bumps from beginning to end.”

“UFC puts on a great fight, but we put on a great show,” Fischer said. “It is a huge theatrical performance. There is something to see other than fighting.”

Fischer said the event has a concert-like atmosphere complete with beautiful staging. The evening is centered around an Asian feel which embodies the true spirit of martial arts, including the musical styling of a band of Asian drummers.

But make no mistake, these are very real fights. It’s not the same kind of theatrical (read: scripted) action as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). “It’s high scale and professional. Not a…soap opera,” Fischer said.

And the Moosin experience won’t cost you an arm and a leg (although we can’t say as much for the fighters). “We tried to make sure we priced the tickets inexpensively so that everyone could go,” said Fisher. “We want this to feel like a community event. I think we’re getting there.”

Doors open at 9 p.m. for the fight, but Fischer said Mossin is putting on a show for the guests before any punches are even thrown. “There will be a man-fest prior to the event,” he said. “Anything a man could want, we’ll have it here.” Fischer said that while the place will be filled with booths and “other crazy macho stuff,” it will still be a place women can enjoy as well (after all, Fischer said, 35% of Moosin’s demographic is comprised of women).


Tickets on sale Monday, March 29th at 10am

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