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11.08 MVP Rules the WWE Ring



By Kim Dunbar

If the WWE is meant to entertain, then Montel Vontavius Porter, aka MVP, is truly the most valuable player in the game. He is also the highest paid, and damn proud of it.

“I am half man, half amazing,” said MVP. “I’m the King of Bling. I am The Show. I am also very humble,” he added. (While most of MVP’s nicknames are self-given, he insists that a recent poll of his ex-girlfriends revealed the “half man, half amazing” one to be accurate.)

On November 23rd, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) brings the Survivor Series to the TD BankNorth Garden. The Survivor Series is one of the WWE’s signature Pay-Per-View events and will showcase MVP and nine other WWE stars in what the wrestler calls “the most amazingly breathtaking spectacle you will ever see.”

The event showcases two five-man teams who participate in tag-team eliminations until there is only one wrestler left standing. According to MVP, who said he always wins ~ especially when he visits his accountant ~ loves this type of format. “Anytime I get a chance to show why I am better than everyone else, I jump on it,” he said.

The Survivor Series has a double meaning for the cocky wrestler who has survived quite a bit in his life. “I survived an impoverished childhood, growing up on the streets and being shot at, as well as a jail sentence, but I am still here,” said MVP, who uses his 9 1/2 year jail sentence as a lesson for others. “I have turned my life around and have become a productive member of society. I use that to try to steer clear of juvenile delinquency and to influence others to do the same.”

MVP believes his past gives him an advantage over his competition. “I know what it takes to survive,” he said. “I have been tested time and again. I’m not sure if they’ve been tested as much in their life as I have been.”

The wrestler, who embodies and is often compared to characters like Dallas Cowboy Terrell Owens and fictional Jerry Maguire star Rod Tidwell (you know, the “Show me the money!” guy), feels no pressure sitting atop the WWE. “My DNA makes me better than everyone else,” he explained. “I don’t know what pressure is. People who have to go to work every day and pay bills, that is pressure.”

MVP believes that high paid athletes, like Owens and Tidwell, are not a recent phenomenon. “There are a lot of pro athletes who make a lot of money,” said MVP. “The WWE has come in contact with its own version,” he added, referring to himself. And MVP wouldn’t doubt if he has started a WWE trend: “Everyone wants to be me. I am a natural born leader and people always want to follow the leader,” he said.

MVP is looking forward to returning to MA, where he calls the fans “unreal” and knows the right places to hang out and kick back after the show. And don’t worry, the biggest player in the game at least tries to pick up the bill with his American Express Black card. “Sometimes everyone is so in awe of me, they try to do what they can to impress me and I don’t even have to throw it down,” he said.

If you’d like to catch MVP and what he calls the “hottest ticket in town,” visit

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