Worcester Music Awards

Worcester Music Awards

Congratulations to all 2018 Nominees and Winners! 


The Pulse Magazine: May 2018 – Worcester Music Awards


839 Responses to Worcester Music Awards

  1. Sheryl Lavoie says:

    The Great Escape is fantastic.
    Jason’s voice is amazing and they all connect with their fans.
    Awesome performances!!!!

  2. Zach T. says:

    Blue Light Bandits are incredible. Best hidden gem in Worcester, no doubt.

  3. Plz Vote Tequila Bonfire ( Country band) says:

    Ok if u love Country, and you love all of the new country artists, songs and more. Check out Tequlia Bonfire 🔥 They are my favorite Plz Vite for them Follow them on Twitter Facebook And Instagram 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Pablo says:

    Frenzy of Tongs for Punk and Live! Jenkins owns the stage!

  5. Paris says:

    My silent bravery all the way !

  6. Maria R says:

    I love My Silent Bravery has amazing music and videos!! You rock!!

  7. Milly Monteiro says:

    Good Luck My Silent Bravery.

  8. Melinda Walters says:

    Voted for @mysilentbravery go Matt!!!! 😝

  9. Rebe says:

    I voted for my best frd silent bravery!… 😉

  10. Rhonda basler says:

    Matt Wade
    (my silent bravery)
    Great music
    Aweaome person….Good luck!!!

  11. Wendy says:

    My Silent Bravery!

  12. Lisa Mitchell says:

    Great Escape has my vote!!!

  13. Dr Pure says:

    Thurkills Vision
    Best Metal / Hardcore Act

  14. Pam Dean Købetitsch says:

    I vote for Blind Revision 💯per cent

  15. Bethany says:

    Blind REvision for #11 and #22!!all the way!

  16. Laura Paquette says:

    Cross the Divide best hardrock/metal band

  17. Sherry Musick says:

    I vote for Thurkills Vision, OH YEAH BABY!

  18. Jason and his wonderful voice … I really like it.

  19. The Great Escape is fantastic!

  20. I vote for Thurkills Vision, OH YEAH BABY!

  21. Brooke Edds says:

    Lyssa Coulter

  22. Judi Shank says:

    Lyssa is a talented down to earth artist.

  23. Kevin Kvein says:

    Best female vocalist and/or solo performer: Kelsey Rose.

  24. Raff Ace says:

    Vote SkyHigh Environment!

  25. Vote Best Metal Hardcore .. On Your Deatbed!

  26. Robert Gale says:

    The Middlemen are absolutely amazing and the best cover band around!!

  27. Marcia Sicard says:

    I’d like to vote for Backyard Swagger. They are great entertainers!

  28. Greg Weiden says:

    ASHLEY JORDAN is a grammy nominated Artist.

    What an angelic voice.

  29. Deborah Lucas says:


  30. Jole11 says:

    Ricky Duran is amazing!!

  31. Capri says:

    Lusus for best Metal act and best singer male/female.

  32. It’s Great that this awards show is still around 👍🏿

  33. Barb Dmuchowski says:


  34. Kathy Walker says:

    Ashley Jordan for best country act, best female vocalist, best live act, best album and cover….she rocks!!

  35. Kathy Walker says:

    …and Ashley Jordan for best music video!!

  36. Ken says:

    Flight of Fire has the Rock Act and Best Female Vocalist!!

  37. Ken says:

    Flight of Fire is the best up and coming Female Rock Band!!!

  38. Annette leclair says:

    Gage tielr

  39. Jenna says:

    Dirty Laundry %100

  40. Karen Lekas says:

    I nominate Backyard Swagger.

  41. Sue Weidman says:

    Backyard Swagger 👍🏻

  42. Adam Hicham says:

    Don’t sleep on JBless’n

  43. Mark martin says:

    Marko and the bruisers for best punk, up and comers, and best cd “Every Path”

  44. 508musicfan says:

    MOLLY-JANE GAIN is an incredible talent! Best solo act in the city.

  45. Jessifer ;P says:

    Leon Legacy is possibly one of the most passionate artists
    ive ever seen live. Not a lot of rappers that can connect
    On an emotional level so powerfully in their lyrics these days.

  46. Bernard Pleil says:

    Leon Legacy has his rap game on lock down. He needs an award, and a record deal.

  47. Leif H. says:

    Bunk Pickett all the way!! Best original songwriter!

  48. Metal/Hardcore Act…( Dead Girls Don’t Say No )

  49. Andre Vanchot says:

    Best Tribute by far is Fatal Portrait: The King Diamond tribute

    Dead Girls Don’t Say No – Best

  50. Brittany says:

    Leon Legacy best male or best rap

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