Worcester Music Awards

Worcester Music Awards

Congratulations to all 2018 Nominees and Winners! 


The Pulse Magazine: May 2018 – Worcester Music Awards


969 Responses to Worcester Music Awards

  1. Dan G says:

    The promise is hope for best up and comers act AND best pop act. Great new band!

  2. Gina Petroski says:

    best tribute band I’ve ever seen is Custard Pie (Led Zep)….seriously, has anyone seen these guys? surprised they are not nominated…they play at JJ’s.

  3. Bill says:

    Boombox has my vote for best cover band, they put on a great show!

  4. Rick Boissonneault says:

    Won’t load right leaving eden all the way

  5. Roberta says:

    Love Leaving Eden…and everyone in the group…. See you soon I hope…

  6. Liz Wilson says:

    Tylor Jebedia for best solo artist

  7. Dan Shes says:

    Leaving Eden ALL DAY!! EVE rocks!!

  8. Mike Doyle says:

    Colette O’Conner, best cd!

  9. Heidi says:

    Leaving Eden all the way!!

  10. Jaque Cousteau says:

    The Narwhals are awesome!

  11. Kathleen Burnett says:

    WICN & Nick Noble

  12. Crazy Chicken Lady says:

    #1 band… “Boombox”
    And best singer goes to Kristina Nashold!!!! 😁

  13. Brenda Eaves says:

    Jason Pauline is an outstanding singer and entertainer and is most deserving of this award. The great escape band is a fantastic band. They have my vote along with the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast!!!!!

  14. Nlajoie says:

    New pond fondle best jam band. This site has issues cant see anything

  15. Anita Costanzo says:

    Best Pop Act/My Silent Bravery

  16. Ari C says:

    I couldn’t vote because this page is not mobile friendly and the scroll box doesn’t work

  17. Carol daly says:

    Brett Casavant – Country

  18. Valerie says:

    JPM—– they rock!

  19. Amy Huber says:

    My Silent Bravery baby!

  20. Gary Himelfarb says:

    Elovators rock the house!!!

  21. Sabrina Ruiz says:

    Best Rap/ Hip-Hop Act : Ralph Weah

  22. Elion says:

    Vote Kevin Young!! Dope talent right there!

  23. Michelle says:

    Leaving Eden!!!! Eve your awesome! Love Ya girl!

  24. Sharon Day says:

    Good Luck Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards!

  25. Free says:

    Where’s Aston Martin Piff on this……

  26. Rosilyn Brown says:

    the Johnny Press Mess has my vote!

  27. Janice Beauregard says:

    These two are amazing singers and songwriters and they get my vote 100%!

  28. JoEllen says:

    Max Recoil best Country band

  29. PaulieD says:

    Best punk & best live performance: Frenzy of Tongs
    Best front man: Brian Jenkins
    Sexiest musician: Nason

  30. Alex says:

    Does anyone know if there will be a best singer-songwriter category?

  31. Sheila S says:

    Best Band featuring Rick Schiffman August First Bravo hope you win.

  32. Linda Ward says:

    Leaving Eden all the way 🙂 They Rock!!!

  33. Ilene Springer says:

    Colette O’Connor deserves to win for her CD
    “I Think I Am”

  34. Laura Connor (Redd Soxx) says:


  35. Dddoc Ricardo says:

    Voting for Matt Wade.
    (My silent bravery).
    Work is awesome!

  36. Johna says:

    My Silent Bravery. ..good luck! You rock!

  37. Zelia M. Chaves says:

    Great band

  38. Jole says:

    Ricky Duran- Best Male Vocalist and Best Solo Artist!!… he is an incredible singer, guitarist and songwriter- check him out on Facebook and YouTube

  39. Shanee Bognot says:

    My Silent Bravery the best ever

  40. Kirk says:

    Blind Revision for 11 and 22! Best Hardcore and Best Rock Act!

    Check out the music for free here: Blindrevisionband.bandcamp.com

  41. andy Keyes says:

    Boombox is definately the best band. what a show! Kristina Nashold as best female vocalist..such power and animation!!

  42. andy Keyes says:

    Kristina Nashold and the band bring forth talent and vibrancy as a great show band

  43. Tony Stephens says:

    WICN and Nick Noble

  44. Dash Rip Rock says:

    Norm Rosen host of Saturday Night Fish Fry, deserves best radio DJ

  45. PigtailPaully says:

    Marko and the bruisers best up and coming and best punk band.

  46. Stephen langdon says:

    I would say Narwhales.

  47. carolyn says:

    The Mychaell David Project rocks…. some of the best musicians around

  48. Gsteele says:

    Blind Revision – phenomenal drummer (Jamie Steele) and vocalist (Jen Janet) – you rock!

  49. Jenn says:

    The great escape is a great band

  50. Faith Quaye says:

    Ralph is definitely the best rap artist

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