Worcester Music Awards

Worcester Music Awards

Congratulations to all 2018 Nominees and Winners! 


The Pulse Magazine: May 2018 – Worcester Music Awards


970 Responses to Worcester Music Awards

  1. Sharon welsh says:

    Bud Sargent best DJ

  2. Patricia Teal Schena says:

    TESTER BEST Rock act!!!!!

  3. AshleyJordanFanClub says:

    Ashley Jordan X6!

  4. Sarah DiDonato says:

    Silent Bravery all the way, not only does he support other singers his own music reaches inside a person. Mat makes us all happy and is always smiling and picking us up through his songs…Sarah and Jazz UK

  5. Ben Hall says:

    How do I vote for Nick Noble and WICN? That’s where I cast my vote! The best of both!

  6. James says:

    Tom Hanson

  7. Shaya says:

    I vote for “My Silent Bravery” he is so inspiring & his music touch the heart!❤

  8. Jenn from Wista says:

    The Cove, best live venue!

  9. Nicholas Stevens says:

    The Cove for best live venue !!!!

  10. Debbie domian says:

    Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards are the most personable young people I know in today’s local music industry. Mark and Raianne are up for the Americana award. Their writing is unique to Southern New England, and their sound is both classic and classy. Their songs are ultimately relevant to the area, both yesterday and today. Their voices are lovely, their harmonies are tight. Besides all that their endeavors to bring music to the local people is an exemplary tribute to their fans. As a jazz vocalist, my musical likes and dislikes could not be further from the kind of music that Mark and Raianne perform, but I can’t help but sing their songs to myself. Vote for them damn it|

  11. Cayla says:

    Sons lunaris for best r&b/blues act.
    Ashley Jordan best female vocalist and best cd artist.

  12. Cherie bruce says:

    I voted for the Great Escape. They pack these clubs up. People love them! Jason has so much talent, I can see him going far with his music. Good luck J. You’re the best of the rest.

  13. Cherie bruce says:

    The best. So much talent.

  14. Hurricane Jen NY says:

    I Vote Stan Matthews for best CD Artist

  15. Lynne Mlott says:

    Stan Matthews!

  16. steven says:

    Vote for Secret Sage (Om CD) cover art.

  17. Richard hill says:

    A ton of blues

  18. Chris says:

    Where’s “Aston Martin Piff” in this line up I see him a lot moving all the time.

  19. Pietro says:

    Sam James.. i cant wait for it 😀 😀

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