Worcester Music Awards

Worcester Music Awards

Congratulations to all 2018 Nominees and Winners! 


The Pulse Magazine: May 2018 – Worcester Music Awards


839 Responses to Worcester Music Awards

  1. Sándor B says:

    Jason Paulino and The Great Escape wonderful combinations

  2. Paula says:

    The Great Escape is an awesome tribute band! They have my vote!

  3. Heather McManus says:

    Best tribute band…the Great Escape; best male vocalist Jason Paulino: best CD Jason Paulino Imperfections; sexiest male performer Jason Paulino; lifetime achievement award the Great Escape !

  4. Kevin Kvein says:

    Lainey Dionne for Americana

  5. Amy says:

    I nominate Blind Revision best rock act and best cover art!

  6. Cheryl Mele-Cunha says:

    I love the soft voice of Lainey Dionne, She is an awesome performer……

  7. Kenny m says:

    Best rap and,hip hop act my vote is Leon legacy

  8. stephen pesce says:

    mycheal david project is the best local country band in years

  9. Marie Rocheleau-Demers says:

    Best Americano: Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards
    Lifetime Achievement: Chuck & Mud

  10. Cecily Christensen says:

    Voted for Blind Revision for Best Hardcore/Metal Act and Best Rock Act, plus Jen Janet of Blind Revision for Best Female Vocalist. Good luck!!!

  11. Karen says:

    The Great Escape has my vote! Jason has a great voice and the band is a great Journey tribute band.

  12. M-Ezy says:

    Please log on like share subscribe…vote for us for the relevant nominations HWG (Hustle Work Grind) M-Ezy 7 J. Rice


  13. Kathy walker says:

    Ashley Jordan… best country act, best female vocalist, best new album (He’s Crazy), best music videos!!!!

  14. JoNne says:

    The Great Escape gets my vore.

  15. Maria says:

    I voted for mysilentbravery all the way!💯

  16. Kenyatta says:

    My silent bravery all the way

  17. Tami Wagner says:

    My silent bravery hand down all the way!
    Matt is a caring loving and gold hearted person.
    Matt is so very talented! His music always has a special meaning for everyone who listens to them.
    Good luck Matt! Don’t forget to smile

  18. Shaya says:

    My silent bravery for sure! 🙂

  19. Jody simpson says:

    I vote for Taylor O’Connorn

  20. christina Newsome says:

    I’m voting for My Silent Bravery Way to go Matt you are incredibly awesome!

  21. MermaidDeb says:

    My Silent Bravery is a magnificent Artist

  22. Nicole Underwood says:

    My silent bravery
    love his music, very uplifting music and great videos.
    great job Matt

  23. Kelley Shepard says:

    I love My Silent Bravery. Voted for him in every category I could.

  24. Jonny prophet says:

    The grey curtain!!!! Love this singer! One of my old homeboys

  25. Jole says:

    Ricky Duran is incredible!! Amazing artist- his vocals are sweet and guitaring is unbelievable…so talented!!! Check him out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube !

  26. Jody Windham says:

    My Silent Bravery , love it! An extraordinary talent! Cheers to Matt!

  27. Jody Windham says:

    I vote for Matt , talented very talented.

  28. Marie Welton says:

    I love my silent bravery,awes awetalent and great guy, best combination

  29. Melanie Pierce says:

    The Grey Curtain…Dennis Leighton has become a good friend. Aside from being very humble, he is an amazing person,a great personality,intelligent,funny,the list goes on. I am so honored to have become his friend! Keep it up Dennis and good luck to you and The Grey Curtain 🤘

  30. Shane Vozar says:

    Marko And The Bruisers best punk band.

  31. Kevin Kvein says:

    Best up and comer -Olivia Frances

  32. Kevin Kvein says:

    Kelsey Rose best female vocalist

    Ariband best solo acoustic

    Olivia Frances Best up and Comer

    WICN best local station

    The Raven for best venue

    Nick Noble Best radio Dj

    Ricky Durand for best Male vocalist

    Lainey Dionne for Americana

    Please void my previous votes on seperase postings. I put them all here to make them easier for your team

  33. Ngwa Si Say says:

    I vote My Silent Bravery. I love his music very much.

  34. Jacqueline Gabriela says:

    Flight of Fire

  35. Jill Pellegrini says:

    Please nominate

    Fergus for Best Live Act
    Cait Sargent for Best Female Vocalist
    Brendan Keenan for Best male vocalist!!!

  36. Ron R says:

    The Grey Curtain ALL THE WAY!

  37. Ron R says:

    The Grey Curtain All The Way!!!

  38. Robert Clarkin says:

    Ilene Springer. Best Female Vocalist

  39. Hero On Hold is one of the most entertaining bands out there.
    They are Alternative Rock.

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