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Celebrate Summer at ’72, an All-Day Block Party

It’s time to have some summer fun! Summer at ’72 is the first annual block party  at 72 Shrewsbury Street. This all-day event features music, games, art, food and beer and will be held from noon-9 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 26.  If nothing else, come and try a rosé slushie or a rosé sorbet float!

The Central Scene: August 2018

Here are the best of events happening in Central Mass.!

Caribbean Festival Looks to Create Legacy

Creating a legacy. That’s the Caribbean Carnival’s theme this year – and it’s mission. By reconstructing the norm, having Caribbean culture be part of our everyday life and allowing for a festive tradition to be built for future generations, the Worcester Caribbean American Carnival Association’s (WCACA) hopes to bring together the Worcester community, not just those of Caribbean descent.

Get More for your Charitable Buck

For a lot of us, donating to charity seems like a very open-ended idea. It shouldn’t be, but it can be difficult to quickly access and flip through the lengthy, quantifiable data and philanthropic research available on truly effective organizations.

Beauty for Good: Products with Purpose

Who said beauty can’t benefit others? Many beauty and fashion companies are making it their mission to help others via their products. For some brands, that means donating proceeds to various causes, and for others, it means creating products that are good for our planet. Here are five beauty products that are good for more than just looking good!