WICN’s Jazz Courses are Back and Better than Ever!

Get to know your jazz basics with WICN’s Studio 50 Jazz 101 and Jazz 201 — 8-week courses offered this spring in Worcester.

On Feb. 5 and 6 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at 50 Portland St., Worcester, there will be two FREE open houses offered to introduce the courses for potential students.

Clark University’s Higgins School of Humanities kicks off Spring Symposium

Thursday, Feb. 1 Clark University’s Higgins School of Humanities hosts its spring symposium, Analog & Digital Conversations.  The symposium will invite much thought behind the discussions between analog and digital technologies.

“Analog processes convey a sense of craft and authenticity, suggesting a more direct relationship between maker, artifact, and beholder, but they may also be perceived as quaint and fetishized, rarified precisely because of labor intensive exclusivity…By contrast, digital processes can simultaneously appear efficient and overwhelming, progressive and impersonal, radically accessible and avariciously monetized,” said Meredith Neuman, Director of the Higgins School of Humanities.

Second Annual Worcester Vietnamese New Year Celebration

Are you interested in celebrating the culturally diverse community of Worcester?  The Vietnamese community proudly invites you to celebrate the second annual Vietnamese New Year celebration Sunday, Feb. 4, at the Chandler Magnet School, 525 Chandler St., Worcester. 

In February, make time for romance

Valentine ’s Day — aka “the momentary savior to dried-out relationships.” The pink and purple hearts conquer retail for a month’s time, reminding you to hustle and purchase treats for your partner like clockwork. In fact, the “holiday” is so ingrained into American culture that it raises the question of whether or not these acts of kindness are out of our own hearts or out of obligation to society.

Post-workout beauty

You’ve done your workout, now it’s time to take care of your body in another way. So, take a few minutes after hitting the gym — or doing your favorite outdoor workout — and take care of your hair and skin.