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Keep skin healthy with these winter essentials

As we head into the colder months, it’s time to slather on the lotions and potions to help soothe the inevitable chapped lips, dry skin and brittle hair. It’s time to swap in these winter necessities to help you look and feel your best all season long.

Steal the Style: Hoop Dreams

Sewing. I think people are afraid of that word. It is a lost art! Sewing is not a whack class from the ancient home economics classes. And stop thinking of a bunch of old ladies sewing quilts. It is art. The practice works in so many different textiles. It is easy when it comes to the basics. Honestly, all you really need to know is a very basic stitch.

StyleSavy: New Year’s beauty resolutions

Ah, the new year. It’s that time when we get to start anew, complete with an entire calendar year do-over. And with that, an entire list of things that you feel you need to check off in order to contribute to society as we know it and become “happier,” the “new you” or “a better person.” But before you commit to building Rome every day for the next year (which you will no doubt tire of by Feb. 1), start small by following these simple fixes and everyday solutions to up your beauty routine. #skincaregamestrong.

Steal The Style: Soul Soles

Jamie Burke

I think we all have a pair of flats that have been our go-to for years. You know these shoes are comfy and broken in in all the right places. They have seen many a bar, muddy puddles, sick dance moves, wet grass and maybe a wedding or two when your heels gave you hell. They have seen their better days, and you really know you should retire these bad boys to the trash, but you just need them and know you will never find the same ones again.

StyleSavy: Winter picks to keep you warm

April Goddard

It’s that time of year again: The weather is cooling, Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone, and we are all officially in the midst of the holidays. While this can cause some of us to start frantically making home improvements, gift lists and sending out holiday invites to family and friends, the one upside to this chaotic, if not always wonderful, time of year is the parties.