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Simplify your nighttime beauty

An evening beauty routine is a must. But it’s so tempting to skip it when you’re already exhausted and ready to climb into bed. These products will get you into your nice, warm bed fast!

Be fierce + fabulous for Halloween

Do you long to look as powerful as Wonder Woman or as frightening as a werewolf? We have sought out the perfect products to create a fabulous Halloween look, from the perfect makeup to the best costume shop, this is your Halloween go-to reference guide. Let your imagination run wild with magic and whimsy as you create your perfect alter ego.

Steal the Style

So dreadful that I have not written about this trend before! Dreads are timeless and make a reappearance every decade or so. They are a huge commitment and require a lot of upkeep in the beginning. I have seen some beautiful dreads lately and was wondering how they look so vibrant and intricate without damaging the hair. Well the trick is, they are not hair. The dreads are wool! And instead of fusing them with wax, they are just braided in temporarily. You can put them in one day and take them out the next. I love this option. I checked out Pinterest, and dreads are selling for $60-$120 a batch. You can make these yourself for $20-$40. This will take a bit of time, depending how many you want to do, but you will not dread the end results!

Steal the Style: Pipe dreams

Home décor is my favorite fashion trend. Having an organized and nice-looking place to live never goes out of style. I put off a lot of cleaning and organizing because of the cost of updating, though. New trends come with a hefty cost, and sometimes it just is unachievable on a small budget. I have a great hack for the awesome galvanized pipe systems seen in every magazine, cool store and website. It took me an hour at Home Depot to figure out, but it was totally worth it! Joanna Gaines is jealous of my creation.

Your dorm outfitted

Going back to school for another year of college is exciting, exhausting and expensive. When you move in to your dorm room, you want to be organized and feel like you’ve created your own space. We’ve searched out fun products that will keep your assignments organized and your room tranquil. Sit back and relax; with this list, you can conquer college and the world!