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PulseBooks: Heartwarming tales to keep you cozy

Winter is the best time to curl up with a book. If you’re looking for some stories to keep you company on a snow day, here are a couple to consider.

The Luxe List: 6 solutions to start the New Year right

It’s a new year, and we’ve got some ideas to help you reach your goals and keep you in great shape throughout 2017.

The 10-Step Sugar Detox Plan

Earlier this year, research into sugar’s deleterious effects showed a connection to cancer, heart disease and diabetes. More recently, the American Dental Association reminded parents just how bad sugar is for their children’s teeth.

Out+About: The Rainbow Readers

My first realization of the power of a book was in sixth grade. Although the book was not about LGBT issues, it did allow me to escape my current circumstances of southern Alabama, red dirt and peanut fields. I found a particularly captivating a book about a runaway named David, who explored the countryside of Greece. I was able to learn about other worlds, while learning about myself, through a novel. I think people thought I was a bookworm or super-smart, but in reality, I just wanted to escape my current circumstances.

Out+About: LGBTQ community engagement

In the last few months, I have seen posts online and spoken with community leaders who lament the waning community engagement, while others say we couldn’t have more involvement! So I decided to ask a few members of the LGBTQ community their thoughts, as well as reflect on it myself.