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Impress your date

You’re finally with someone special. Now, you want to impress, but how? Too often we measure our feelings against a sum of money spent. But it’s really not about that. It’s about putting some thought into what you do to let that person know that you see them, that you really see them. So, whether it’s your first date or you’ve been together for a long time, bring a little of your own special flair to your next date night.

The Luxe List: Destination travel is the ultimate gift for moms

For those busy, hardworking and ever-attentive moms who love to travel and have a penchant for warm and balmy locales, there’s no better reward than a relaxing respite amid an ocean breeze. If this is “that” Mother’s Day where you want to think big, forego those “been there, done that” wrappable gifts you’ll resign yourself to during the ceremonial “mall crawl” and give her the gift of an unforgettable experience instead.

The best of college pranking

Ah, April Fool’s Day … the day when, for some reason, people think it is hilarious to pull pranks on others, say things that aren’t true and post phony Facebook posts to see if anyone will remember that it’s April 1.

The Luxe List: Gadgets that can improve your health

The marketplace is teeming with gadgets, appliances and other tech-driven solutions aimed at improving our health and well-being.

Out+About: LGBTQ Caring Families

“I knew about Gay Adoptive Fathers of New England (GAFNE) several months before I met the group.