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Spring Break without breaking the bank

Best Spring Break Deals

It’s almost that time of year, when you can temporarily forget about schoolwork and exams and let loose for some much-needed fun with friends. Spring Break is known for being a little crazy ~ a chance to be the girl or see the girl in a skimpy bikini and take part in public and potentially embarrassing fun contests sponsored by MTV, radio stations, liquor companies, etc.

Your guide to Valentine’s Day


Whether you have a date lined up, are single and loving it or the very idea of Valentine’s Day makes you ill and you’re just in it for the 50 percent off candy on Feb. 15, we’ve got you covered. Below are ideas for every one of you, whether you choose to take part in Cupid’s favorite day or not.

EverydaySCIENCE: Water isn’t as soft as you think


With Boston being selected to make a bid for the Olympics, I was reminded of possibly one of the more remarkable Olympic sports ~ aerial skiing.

EverydaySCIENCE: Guided by the stars


One of the earliest forms of science was the prediction of the coming of the seasons by star watchers. These early astrologists told stories to teach others important life lessons during communal nights.

Here’s to the New Year and making goals, not resolutions


People all over the world partied it up on New Year’s Eve ~ drinking champagne and looking their best to welcome the New Year with open arms, a toast and a kiss. Then, came the resolutions: I’m going to quit smoking this year; I’m going to lose weight; I’m going to stop eating sugar or drinking coffee; etc.