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Upcoming event at the Museum of Russian icons

Museum of Russian Icons holds an exhibit of interest early August, occurring on the 5th. Residential artists and cultural enthusiasts can enjoy this event to enliven their art-historical repertoire.

On August 5, a film showing takes place with cost of $8 for members and &12 for nonmembers. Sergei Eisenstein’s epic biopic of the token Alexander Nevsky innovates a dramatic realism within one of the nation’s most widely known historical heroes. Even considering the cultural and historical connotations, its themes of resilience along with some strikingly audio-visual experiments and certain scorings invoke a diverse crowd. Co-director and film scholar of Boston College, Prof. John Michalcyzk, will present briefly to introduce the film, leading an audience discussion following the screening. For war buffs, cinema critics, the aspiring director, and anybody who has scanned for insight within entertainment the event seems a relevant one.

Another exhibit, Icons of Ethiopia, began in May and officially ends on the 13th of August.

Worcester’s Battle of the Badges

Olivia Pellegrini

Local police officers and firefighters in Worcester are teaming up with the American Red Cross to organize the city’s first blood drive, Battle of the Badges.

As the name entails, members of the public will donate at the DCU Center this August with the hopes of recruiting the most eligible blood donors in their community, in the form of friendly competition.

The Worcester Fire Department and the Worcester Police Department encourage locals to donate on Friday, August 18 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., receiving a vote for either Worcester Fire or Worcester Police. After the fact, the Worcester Railers HC offers a sponsored $1,500 prize and trophy named towards the charity of their choice. Presenting donors also receive a free Big E ticket, nontransferable, and a voucher for one ticket to Disney on Ice’s Dare to Dream. Dare to Dream takes place at the DCU from October 27 to 29 this fall.

Kelly Isenor, representative for the Massachusetts Blood Services Region, highlighted the importance of the drive. The communications manager put forth that firefighters and police officers “know firsthand how important it is to have blood readily available for emergencies.”

“By hosting this blood drive,” he continued, “they are helping ensure that blood is on the shelves before it is needed.” Additionally, perks include free parking for any at the Major Taylor Garage and a free veggie wrap or hot dog from SAVOR food service at the DCU. 

Paris in the 80s: Worcester Windows Extends their Deadline

Olivia Pellegrini

Worcester Windows Gallery hosts their summer show this August, and submissions are officially open!

The Worcester Windows gallery, run and maintained by the Worcester Cultural Coalition, is located in the Bay State Savings bank, facing Franklin Street. For those feeling artistically inspired, you may want to submit art corresponding with this year’s theme: Paris of the 80’s.

So, what exactly is ‘Paris of the 80’s’? To be factually correct, this was the city of Worcester’s official motto of that time frame. A city teeming with industrialization, entertainment and creativity had also included a now-vacant theatre called Paris Cinema. Keeping its spirit, and for all official purposes releasing the name, the painting-and-interpreting part becomes easy; if not effortless. Get your quirk on with this colorful way to celebrate the city of Worcester!

A New WAM Installation

Olivia Pellegrini

On July 27, the Worcester Art Museum invites communities to a showing of contemporary artist Shih Chieh Huang’s interactive sculpture installation, Organic Concept.

Organic Concepts, Indeed

The New York-based artist has gained recognition for his innovative and ethereal works, often featuring technology’s presence with the everyday. These art experiences set against – rather, with, influences of modernity and bioluminescence. Organic Concept physically is made of plastic-based painting material and box fans. While the artist has gone international with his work, it may be seen and scaled in the Worcester Art Museum’s grand Renaissance Court, starting on the 20th at 6. Light refreshments and a cash bar will be available from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Reusable Universes

That Bites: Six Treatments in Tick Season

Olivia Pellegrini

When faced with a tick on a woodsy stroll or even just a step in the wrong direction, it’s common enough to feel wary of lyme– the tick isn’t the only thing to get rid of! But what is the extent to which we know what we are dealing with? Dr. Adam Breiner, medical director or The NeuroEdge Brain Performance Center, shares some innovative scientific efforts, in terms of diagnosing and treating the effects of Lyme disease.