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Renew yourself for spring

Spring Renewal

Spring is finally rearing its lovely head, but you still have the winter humdrums. Get out of your cold-weather funk and treat yourself from head to toe and get that breath of fresh (and warmer) air that you’ve been waiting months to take in. As all the flowers, trees and creatures renew themselves for spring, so should you.

The Luxe List: Spring travel helpers


Whether you’re planning to travel for business or you intend to spend your spring sightseeing, hiking, soaking up the sun or tucked in a cushy hotel bed, binge-watching your favorite TV series, it’s safe to say the least pleasurable part of your journey will be getting to – and then home from – your vacation destination.

Out+About: LGBTQ+ events are happening


People ask, “Why is there still a need to have LGBTQ+ themed events and organizations? As an organizer, the question has come up with my work with Worcester Pride and discussions around a LGBTQ+ community center, but this time, it was in the context of helping organize a community-based TV show.

Going into the workplace? Get your dream job

Get your Dream Job

It’s no surprise that people who dislike their boring-but-safe, 9-to-5 jobs tend to be unsatisfied and unsuccessful in their careers.

Out+About: A retreat for LGBT vets


It was not long ago that I would have had to lie to join the military. In addition to other changes, our country’s military has changed significantly. With that, however, come additional challenges. The founder and executive director of Project New Hope, Bill Moore, said, “The military veterans keep to themselves, but the LGBT veterans keep to themselves even more!”