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Apps you should use

Apps for college

Whether you are just entering college or are going into your final year, it is never too late to better your Worcester experience! Check out some of these apps, and maybe you’ll find one of your new college essentials!

Out+About: Worcester Pride


This is Worcester Pride’s 41st year! The LGBTQ festivities have been celebrated in a variety of forms throughout the years. From an underground club to a gay union (card included!) to now, when we have the most protections ever. Worcester celebrates Pride “off cycle” to allow our vibrant college community to participate. This year, we celebrate with a full week of activities, with more to be announced at

If we had known…


If you’re doing the college thing in Worcester, it’s great to get off campus and explore. But what should you do? Where are the best places to go? We checked in with some students and former students and asked them what they wish they had known when they were freshmen experiencing Worcester college life for the first time.

Out+About: The gay bar is a sacred place


“Well, welcome home, babies!”

The Luxe List: Summer Health Finds

The Luxe List

Summer is a great time for a health reboot, since many of us are far more body conscious during this sizzling season. Below are some wellness boosters you might consider embracing to enhance your grocery game and ensure your energy stays elevated throughout the elongated days.