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Postcards from the U.S. – Worcester Resident Travels to All 50 States

At 36, I recently came back from Hawaii, my 50th state.

People always ask: How the heck did you see all 50 states so quickly?

The truth is, it wasn’t easy. As a kid, I had a loyal placemat at my seat at the dinner table. It was a map of the USA and all the state capitals. I’d joke about going to far-away states like Oregon and Montana. That’s probably what planted the seed, but I never thought I’d actually do it. The only folks I’d ever heard of visiting them all was a retired couple and a goofy contestant on Jeopardy. I didn’t give traveling much thought growing up.

In February, make time for romance

Valentine ’s Day — aka “the momentary savior to dried-out relationships.” The pink and purple hearts conquer retail for a month’s time, reminding you to hustle and purchase treats for your partner like clockwork. In fact, the “holiday” is so ingrained into American culture that it raises the question of whether or not these acts of kindness are out of our own hearts or out of obligation to society.

The Luxe List: Fab Valentine’s Day gifts for wine-lovers

Valentine’s Day has become big business and is certainly a holiday that retailers love. While this affection-driven day is a prime time to shower your special someone with gifts that showcase the extent of your affection, there are plenty of great gift ideas for wine-lovers, in particular, that’ll duly convey your adoration.

Out+About: Many ways to love in the LGBTQ+ community

Sexual orientation is described as an inherent or immutable enduring emotional, romantic or sexual attraction to other people. You may be able to tell from the many letters in our community that sexual orientation is only part of the many ways we love. For some, your gender matters if they are going to consider you as a partner and for others, not so much.

LGBT Asylum Task Force offers hope and healing to gay immigrants

Countless numbers of men and women flee from more than 80 countries where being gay is illegal. It can cost you not only your livelihood, but often your life. Many individuals seeking asylum from the abuse that often comes at the hands of loved ones have immigrated to Worcester. It was a chance meeting with one such immigrant that inspired Pastor Judy Hanlon, of Hadwen Park Congregational Church, to create the LGBT Asylum Task Force.