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People to Watch in 2018

With the new year, we always look to those who are going to make our world bigger, brighter and more compassionate. Fortunately, Worcester is full of amazing people bringing their talents to our city. So we’ve rounded up some of the people who are breaking ground, starting businesses, changing the world of politics, feeding the needy and accomplishing things that make us glad they call Worcester home.

‘The Wall’ captures Mexican border

Walls are usually meant to divide, but artist Gregory Thielker is using one to unify. Thielker’s new exhibit, “The Wall,” is currently showing at Clark University’s Traina Center for the Arts until Feb. 20. In what promises to be both artistically and socially stimulating, “The Wall” is a timely and important reveal through a series of breathtaking paintings of the Mexican border.

Coney Island marks 100 years with a book of memories

Hot dogs and potato chips are long-time staples at George’s Coney Island in Worcester. What you won’t see on the Southbridge Street restaurant’s menu is the “can’t be missed” huge serving of nostalgia that dates back 100 years. From the 60-foot neon sign that has adorned the landmark restaurant since the 1940s to the wooden booths complete with name carvings, the eatery has been an integral, mainly unchanged, part of downtown Worcester and people’s hearts.

LGBT Asylum Task Force offers hope and healing to gay immigrants

Countless numbers of men and women flee from more than 80 countries where being gay is illegal. It can cost you not only your livelihood, but often your life. Many individuals seeking asylum from the abuse that often comes at the hands of loved ones have immigrated to Worcester. It was a chance meeting with one such immigrant that inspired Pastor Judy Hanlon, of Hadwen Park Congregational Church, to create the LGBT Asylum Task Force.

The Worcester JCC offers a trendy way to get fit

The weather outside is frightful … and some people choose to stay fit in winter by adopting a love for sports that take place on the blanket of snow that nature has provided. Skiing, snowboarding, curling, ice skating, snow shoeing — the options are certainly there. However, there are some of us who absolutely detest being outside in the cold and don’t enjoy these pastimes. One way that we can stay healthy (and warm) this year is to put on a swimsuit and get on a bike.