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Hot&Now: December 2017

Paul Giorgio

Remember when it was only Italian? Shrewsbury Street in Worcester used to be filled with Italian eateries; now, you have to search one out. The newest place set to open is Simjang, a Korean restaurant owned by the folks who brought you deadhorse hill. Nearly 18 months after opening their first restaurant, Sean Woods, Jared Forman and Bert LaValley plan on opening Korean restaurant on Shrewsbury Street by the end of the month. According to Woods, “Simjang is the Korean word for heart, and Worcester is the heart of the Commonwealth.” The restaurant will be located in the space that housed Sweet, right next to 7 Nana.

Dining Review: Chuck’s has upped its game with robust flavors

Bernie Whitmore

The drive to Auburn for dinner at Chuck’s Steak House had me less than tremulous with excitement. Memories of dining there, albeit years ago, had become a bit distant but remained colored by the low expectations with which I learned to approach dining in the decades marked by “exciting salad bar” ‑ an experience marked by lots of filler that dulled one’s sense of taste before drinks and, ultimately, the entrée course.

Hot & Now: What’s hot and what’s happening now in the restaurant scene

A hot bucket challenge. Nancy Chang has partnered with Why Me and Sherry’s House in a spicy bucket challenge. Nancy Chang will donate $10 for every $40 bucket it sells. The bucket is 40 skewers of food cooked in a hot pot of spicy broth. Nancy Chang’s is located on Worcester’s Chandler Street and is owned by Ignatius Chang.

Dining review: Tatnuck Grille offers a neighborhood vibe with plenty of choice

Of Worcester’s many neighborhoods, the Tatnuck area may be least recognized as a dining destination. That’s too bad because it obscures from wider view the Tatnuck Grille, a restaurant whose executive chef, Angel Barbosa, cooked for Coral Seafood during its golden age on Green Street. Taken alone, that should attract people’s attention. Browse the seafood sections of Tatnuck’s menu and you might even experience a flicker of déjà vu. I did.

Grand Opening of the Vegan Nest Café

Attention all who eat vegan or anyone who enjoys to eat vegan from time to time, The Vegan Nest Café will host its grand opening on Sunday, Nov. 5, at noon. The Vegan Nest Cafe is at 6 Waldo St., Worcester.