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Making it – Artists in Worcester

Jason Savio

When you think of popular places for artists and creative people to live, cities like New York and Los Angeles will likely be the first to pop up in your mind. After all, some of the biggest names in the industry have made their way through those areas.

But what about Worcester? Perhaps better put: Why not Worcester?

The Tattoo Issue

Tattoos have a history that is centuries old, with mummified remains being found with tattoos. In fact, Otzi, the oldest mummy found with tattoos (61!), was discovered in glacial ice in the alps and dated to 3,250 BC. The word tattoo is from the Polynesian word “tatau,” which means “to write.”

Haunted Cemeteries in Central Mass

Massachusetts is ripe with history, and its cemeteries are no exception. There are stories of apparitions, inexplicable occurrences and violent murders. Central Massachusetts boasts a handful of cemeteries with tainted pasts. Whether they are haunted remains a mystery. What we do know is the stories are fascinating and need to be told.

Worcester Reborn

What are the signs of a city renewed? Do you look for revitalization programs? Do you look to the arts?
The economy? The students and colleges? The people within the city? Worcester has been reinventing itself, so we’ve asked some of Worcester’s most active community members to weigh in on what is so special about New England’s second-largest city.

Worcester’s cheap eats – every night of the week

Kyle Sullivan & Mitchell Perry

Everyone likes eating out, and in an area with so many amazing restaurants, who wouldn’t? But all those meals can quickly add up and spoil your monthly budget. That’s why we challenged ourselves to eat out every night for an entire week with only three rules: Spend no more than $15 per person (tax and tip included), don’t leave hungry and never eat the same thing twice. Worcester’s restaurant scene makes this task relatively easy with its abundance of nightly meal deals. Fortunately for you, we documented our week of meals so that you, too, can become frugal foodies.