The Luxe List: 5 Fab Summer Travel Solutions

Five useful summer travel solutions will make summer vacation a breeze!

Discount Glasses -NFL Styles
What better way to show your team pride while out and about than with officially licensed NFL-style glasses from Simply go to the website, choose your favorite team and receive the direct-to-door shipment, so you’re ready to head to the stadium and cheer for your team and its quest for the Lombardi Trophy. If football isn’t your thing, check out hundreds of other affordable, trendy and quality styles. If you need prescription glasses, the company makes it easy to upload your prescription online, ensuring that your sunglass needs are met. Prices vary,


Reliable Ovo 150GT Portable Steam Iron & Garment Steamer
Here’s a handy mini multi-tasker to take on the road with you. It’s an iron. It’s a steamer. It’s both! This portable powerhouse travels light and takes out wrinkles without taking up space. The Ovo 150GT Portable Steam Iron & Garment Steamer makes the ideal travel companion. With a patent-pending heating system, you’ll get impressive steam volume in the palm of your hand, without the worry of spitting or leaking. Other features include a unique two-in-one case that works both as an iron rest and as a travel pouch and an ample water tank that provides continuous steam for up to 10 minutes. $49,


The Suitcase Life Merchandise
Are you a girl who lives for travel? Are you a lady who loves adventure and fabulous vacations? Are you a woman with wanderlust in her soul? Then check out my own, where you’ll find all kinds of chic travel accessories, plus fashion, tech gadgets, drinkware, office gear and other swag showcasing your joy for journeying. From travel bags and tags to fashion and accessories to mugs, mousepads, portable chargers and more, The Suitcase Life has you covered in fabulous form! Prices vary,


Styptic Balm
We know a clean smooth shave isn’t always what you get when you pick up your razor, and getting a cut while shaving not only stings – it’s annoying, especially right before a wedding, date night or a day at the beach or pool. That’s why Glyder has invented Styptic Balm – a product formulated with premium natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E and argan oil – to help stop the bleeding from shaving cuts and to nourish skin, leaving it fresh and smooth. Glyder has developed a patent-pending formula of wound-sealing antihemorrhagic agents that help promote platelet plugging, which helps heal and seal your nicks and cuts. $9.99,


Pela Case
Traveling can be tough on your smartphone, so a protective case is mission critical. Helping lead the way with environmentally sustainable tech accessories is the Pela Case, the world’s first zero-waste compostable phone case. It is made from Flaxstic, a compostable bioplastic elastomer that uses flax straw materials. Pela Case protects your smartphone from scratches, everyday wear and tear and even the occasional drop. It will biodegrade in an industrial compost facility or in your very own backyard composter. Pela Case is also as stylish as it is eco-friendly, available in many different colors and styles for various iPhone and Android models. Pela donates at least 1 percent of its sales to environmental non-profit groups. Prices vary,

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