Worcester native launches philanthropic startup

Shrewsbury-based startup The Charity Experiment is going to help you donate smarter. Created by local businessman Thaddeus Kaliszewski, the fledgling company will leverage the power of social sharing to remove barriers to entry for charitable donors and drive the mission of effective altruism.

“I created The Charity Experiment to tackle some of the biggest questions that I had about donating to charity,” said Kaliszewski. “Questions like, ‘How much should I give?’ ‘Will my donation be put to good use?’ and ‘Am I giving to a trustworthy organization?’

All charitable organizations supported by The Charity Experiment are chosen through extensive philanthropic research and must have demonstrated a track record of making a significant impact on their respective causes. This process ensures that for every dollar donated there is a meaningful and measurable return. The Charity Experiment provides donors with an accessible, effective and transparent way to contribute to a global community.

Kaliszewski has started a GoFundMe campaign to cover expenses associated with 501(c)(3) nonprofit status filing and ongoing compliance.

For more information, visit thecharityexperiment.com.

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