PulseBrew: Make it a Shipyard summer

With snow in April, it seemed like summer would never come. However, Memorial Day is at the end of the month. Time to take the board shorts out from the vacuum-sealed storage bag and start practicing bocce throws. And it’s never too soon to start thinking about your summer beer of choice. Nothing is more relaxing than kicking back with an icy-cold brew on a hot summer day. Which lucky bottle or can will be swimming amongst ice cubes in the Yeti cooler this summer? The early favorite: Shipyard Island Time IPA.

We all know Shipyard from its wildly popular fall favorite, Pumpkinhead, but Island Time is a light, fruity IPA that pours like a lager, disguising its rich depth. It’s a lovely beer to sip on with your toes in the sand. The aroma of fruits is noticeable upon first popping off the cap. Grassy and citrussy, with a light taste upon first sip, it finishes extremely clean for an IPA. The best part: That taste experience stays the same until the bottle is empty. Fulfilling, but not filling — leaving plenty of room for a clam strip roll.

And since we’re already talking about drinking Shipyard in the summertime, I feel compelled to mention two of the company’s other products — Fireberry and Maui Mango. They’re not very well-known products, since the nearest retailers to Worcester are New Hampshire liquor stores, but I assume that will soon change. For those that aren’t familiar, Fireberry and Maui Mango are Shipyard’s super-light canned summer beers infused with tea. They were released just last year. After partnering up with Tiesta Tea, Shipyard came out with these two hybrid drinks to serve as mellow beverage options for beer and tea fans alike. Namaste, indeed.

Maui Mango is a fruity wheat ale, with strong hints of mango, of course. Tiesta Tea’s Yerba Mate was the tea selected to be infused into the beer, resulting in a crisp, medium-bodied brew with the earthiness and natural flavors of tea. It’s a must-try for any mango beer fan, with the potential for a much broader fan base beyond that. Its counterpart is Fireberry. Fireberry, also infused with Yerba Mate, features a more flowery taste, brought to life by the taste of berries. Cranberries and raspberries, in particular. Different from Maui Mango, it has a distinct amber hue and a slightly tart finish. Still, both are great options to consume in search of the perfectly wasted day.

Sometimes, I’m a sucker for a plain, old golden Corona on a hot summer day. I don’t discriminate, but when I want something of the craft variety — you know, something made with a little more love — Shipyard has a few outstanding options.

Ryan Massad

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