FindingBalance: Crystal Clear

It may be a surprising belief that various crystals, stones and gems have the ability to heal the body and mind. A skeptic might question the power of…well…a rock. Yet in nearly every single culture throughout history, these natural elements of the earth have been used as powerful tools to heal and transform. What did these cultures and ancestors know that has been lost to the mainstream masses?

Aside from healing properties, I have always been amazed at the uniqueness of each individual stone or gem. The science of them is pretty amazing alone — with crystals forming in a geometric shape in a very structured pattern when certain conditions are met and our most prized stones, like diamonds, are created with intense heat and pressure.

As a natural element, crystals and stones have frequencies and the ability to conduct energy. Energy healing, though this may seem a foreign concept to most, can be amplified using stones. Each stone, along with its unique look, has its own energy characteristic. Consider this — there are precious materials and gems in our everyday items — computers, clocks, smartphones…and those materials help electronics run at their best.

In energy healing work, there are stones that help open the seven chakras. If you are feeling off center, have a recurring ailment, an emotional issue or other another issue, it may be due to a chakra being blocked. Crystals and stones can help open these to balance you out. Onyx, for example, is excellent for the root chakra and can help you feel more grounded. Rose Quartz can help the heart chakra, assisting you in becoming more compassionate. Lapis Lazuli is tied to the throat chakra and can foster strength in speaking publicly or being more assertive in your communication. Selenite can help magnify your crown chakra, which can increase wisdom and understanding of purpose, as well as lessen anxiety.

Simply carrying a stone in your pocket or keeping it near you at work on your desk or in your home can help to shift energies and balance the space. I always carry a rose quartz stone with me. I believe it helps me exercise more compassion to those around me; even if this belief doesn’t resonate with you, it can simply be a great reminder.

If you would like to explore more, check out for descriptions of stones, their natural properties and the energies they hold.


Jennifer Russo