The Foundation of Beauty is a Go-To Must!

The Foundation of Beauty, located on 415 Boston Turnpike Shrewsbury (Suite 202), is all that I can talk about these days!  I had the chance to visit the aesthetics boutique and was overwhelmed by the excellent service and treatment I was given. The Foundation of Beauty has been changing the skin-care game for five years now. Come and join them in celebrating their anniversary on May 18 with raffles, discounts on products and appointments, as well as drinks and snacks!Ashley Koen, an aesthetician for six years and owner of the small business, prides herself on giving more than just a treatment. She wants to ensure a refreshing and manageable experience that works for any person – and it won’t break the bank either.

“I believe what I am doing, and I’d rather you have better skin and take care of it, rather than seeing me for a $250 facial to relax and then never come back again or only come once a year.” The aesthetics boutique has been working hard to findthe best all-natural skincare products and treatments. It features products from small, women-owned businesses located in Newport, R.I., and Atlanta, Ga. It offers a great selection of products, skin care treatments, waxing and makeup services that makes it easy to treat yourself! Skin care is Koen’s No. 1 priority in her business.

“When you like something, you don’t need to push the product because you really stand by it,” Koen said.

At The Foundation of Beauty, the most popular treatments are the dermaplaning treatments. These treatments use a scalpel to shave off the first layer of dead skin as well as peach fuzz. Don’t worry; it’s not as scary as it sounds, and it leaves your face looking fresh for weeks!  It also improves makeup application and fine lines. These treatments are great for dehydrated skin and help products penetrate the skin.

The newest treatment that has been added to her list of services is lash lifting/curling. This treatment is the more natural and inexpensive way to lift your lashes and make them appear longer. Not only that, curling can last from six to eight weeks depending on your lash growth cycle – unlike lash extensions that you have to replace every two weeks. Also, the cream-based perm solution used to curl your lashes ensures no irritation, unlike the glue used in lash extensions that is known to cause some irritation. This treatment is perfect with summer just around the corner!  Spend more time enjoying the summer sun instead of applying makeup inside.

Photographs of The Foundation of Beauty courtesy of David Pierce 

Berkeley Wlodarczak


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