StyleSavvy: Macy’s Backstage

April Goddard

There is a new kid in the off-price retail game, and it can be found right within the walls of its parent. The new Macy’s Backstage has opened right inside Macy’s at Solomon Pond Mall in Marlborough, and it’s new layout and unique take on discounted designer goods is definitely something to put on your radar. I was given the opportunity to shop my way through the new Macy’s Backstage before it’s official March 23rd grand opening, and this is what I found.

I love designer goods. I love discounts. Put them together, and — bam — you have a shopaholic’s dream come true. But what sets Macy’s Backstage apart from some of its competitors is just how low the prices really are. I was given $100 and challenged by the Macy’s team to create a complete outfit: tops, bottoms, jackets, accessories, shoes, jewelry — you name it. And I was able to do that and more. So much more, in fact, that two very happy Pulse employees were able to share the gift card and walk away with a top, a sweatshirt, active pants and a yoga mat and still had money left over.

Macy’s Backstage is really like a small department store within a department store. It offers all of the same categories as the traditional Macy’s stores do: Women’s, Men’s, Kids’, Swim, Accessories (bags, jewelry, makeup, etc), Shoes, Home, Active and additional Home Goods and Active Accessories.

I was able to put several complete outfits together with change to spare and ultimately settled on a Tommy Hilfiger active set for less than $40. Unreal. I was so excited that they had some of my favorite brands for such phenomenal prices. Overall, I was really (happily) surprised with the selection of departments and the (more than) reasonable and consistent pricing throughout the store. Well done Macy’s (cue polite golf clap here).

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