Out+About: Worcester embraces Love Your Labels

John Trobaugh

Love Your Labels — according to Joshua Croke, it is a movement to embrace labels, eliminate stereotypes and empower individuals.

Joshua, co-founder of Action! Worcester, is a Worcester-based designer and innovator working at the intersection of design, technology and society. At a recent Worcester Pride event, Joshua and the Love Your Labels Committee revealed this campaign as a way to unite under-represented communities while engaging humanity in a conversation about equality.

According to Joshua, with the tagline Unique & United, Love Your Labels is elevating the dialogue about how labels like “gay,” “black,” “trans,” “veteran,” “feminist,” “individuals with disabilities,” etc. describe — but don’t define — people. Many of these labels have been historically (and continue to be) disadvantaged because of bias, racism and lack of knowledge. This campaign emphasizes the intersectionality of labels and encourages the uncomfortable conversations that lead to change.

Local volunteers and members of the Love Your Labels committee are shown here, photographed by Worcester-based photographer Mike Hendrickson.

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