Steal the Style: Say it on a sweater

Jamie Burke

The political climate has changed. I am not one for taking sides, but what I do like to share — and what others seem like to share — are simple statements that pack a punch and give you all the feels. They might not even be original statements; you might have seen them repeatedly. So, whatever you feel like is your truth that you want to share with the world, put it on a sweater. A famous clothing designer in New York has taken messages, put them into series and embroidered them onto sweaters. These sweaters are selling for almost $400. You will need about an hour and a few supplies, and you will have an equally bold statement sweater to share.

Embroidery thread


1. So, my daughter had a brand new $5 sweater from Forever 21, which she picked up last year at the end of the winter season clearance. At 15, she can spot a great deal to save for a later date. We took the sweater, laid it out flat and marked it with a ruler and a light chalk line for our statement to go. This is probably the most important step. You might have a great statement, but if it looks wonky, you just appear to be a lunatic.

2. Next, pick your word or statement and sketch it with chalk on the sweater. Stay within the lines and use even and clear letters. Cursive is tricky, but if you take your time, it will come out like a handwritten note. Once you have sketched the word, go back and make visible dots on each letter for spacing, so the thread is even as you start to sew. This makes for no mistakes.

3. Next, take your needle and thread and start from the inside of the sweater and sew chalk dot to chalk dot. Loop each completed dot twice, and after two or three completed looped dots, make a knot, cut, and start again where you left off. When you knot and start over, it gives you cleaner letters, and if you mess up, you don’t have to start again, just where you left off. Start fresh on new words, so the thread doesn’t snag from the inside.

4. Once you have the letters complete, lightly wipe chalk off and throw on your new sweater. So, no matter what side you stand on or behind, for less than $10, you can design a powerful sweater to show off without the high-ticket designer price.

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