It’s still not too late to shop for Valentine’s Day

Stumped on what to get your loved one this Valentine’s Day?  Look no further – -our recommendations are just what you’ll need to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Date Night doesn’t get any cozier than this!  With the PIQS Virtual Touch Projector, enjoy a movie night wherever you are.  This big screen projector is not only portable but looks good, too. Enjoy the movie-theater experience in the comfort of your own home this Valentine’s Day.

Are you and your partner consumed by wanderlust?  Celebrate the places you’ve been together, and the ones you wish to go in the future with Inspirational Travel Journals by Axel & Ash.  These books will help you highlight your past and future adventures together!  With their creatively crafted design, you and your partner are able to spend time reminiscing on the good times together through fun writing prompts and journal surprises!


Start off your morning right with a hot cup of love.  This Emo-Gee! Love Mug from Streamline is the perfect gift for coffee or tea lovers!


Picture This: You and your partner are about to leave to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day together, and you cannot find you keys!  With the Cube Tracker, you’ll never have that problem again!  Simply tag your items and ping the Cube from your mobile phone, and you will find what you lost immediately!  Now you can spend less time stressing about lost keys and more time enjoying the company of your partner.


What better way to gaze at the stars with your love than with the Parachute Nylon Grand Trunk hammock?  This durable hammock is sure to create a night full of bright memories.

Losing track of time on your special night?  The Swiss-made line of watches by Alexander makes for a great Valentine’s Day gifts for him/her.  Buying this for your loved one would be a sure win in their book!


The Success Journal is perfect for that friend who is always with her planner!  The Success Journal is filled with everything to help her plan her goals and is filled with question prompts, activity sheets and journal pages to write her way to success.

These shoes are for the teen in your life who has a one of a kind fashion sense!  No matter the occasion, Privileged! is sure to bring out the style in each pair.  Privileged Shoes’ products will make you stand out wherever you are.


Are you loved ones having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?  Dreampad pillow is a therapeutic smart pillow that is clinically proven to help people do just that!  Give your loved ones their best night’s sleep! Here is how it works!