Look out! Here comes the Mustache Brigade

Looking for a new show to become addicted to in the New Year? Fat Foot Films, a production company based in Worcester, has debuted its new original web series, Mustache Brigade. The best way to sum this film up in one sentence: What if Quentin Tarantino created a film for Monty Python?

Ryan Convery, Ed Gutierrez and Erik Johnson started Fat Foot Films in 2003. They definitely do not mess around; since that time, they have produced three full-length features, How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriend’s Body (2014), Joy and the Apocalypse (2011) and Mourning Wood (2010). These movies have been distributed worldwide, broadcasted on television, been official selections of dozens of film festivals and won numerous short film awards.

“One thing we’ve always enjoyed in movies is over-the-top violence and absurd comedy,” Gutierrez said. “Evil Dead, Kill Bill, Deadpool is a small list of what inspired us to create the Mustache Brigade. We love to see the reactions from the audience, and I can guarantee this show will be something you’ll react to.”

The Mustache Brigade features an elite team of vigilantes who fight crime while disguised by fake mustaches. In a city riddled with crime and violence, main characters Salvador Holiday (Erik Johnson) and Kurt Reynolds (Ed Gutierrez) team up at the forefront of citywide protection. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if mustaches don’t creep you out, then you need to hire the Mustache Brigade. Their methods might be unorthodox, but they get the job done!

Although the show already had its premiere Jan. 1, anyone who missed the episode can check it out online. The series will release exciting new episodes every other Monday. On the bunnyhopped Mondays, new content about the cast and crew will be available to watch.

“One thing we can guarantee throughout the series is fun….” Gutierrez said. “Every episode has a unique and different style to it. When we decided to move forward with creating Mustache Brigade, the original thought was that this was the perfect concept for trying a wide array of special effects.… So something you will see in each episode is some sort of special effects surrounded by our signature comedic style.”

This series is for anyone older than 17. “If you enjoy over-the-top gore/comedy and are interested in what the film community of New England has to offer, then we believe this will tickle your fancy.”

According to the founders of Fat Foot Films, the series is fast-paced and full of action, since they knew that with a web series, they needed to grab the audience’s attention within the first 20 seconds.

“We do recommend you watch each episode in order, but you could easily watch episode 4 and understand the story line. By watching the episodes in order, you will get to understand the world we have created for the characters and the inside jokes,” Gutierrez said.

The second episode of Mustache Brigade premieres Monday, Jan. 15. For more information, visit fatfootfilms.com or find them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube @fatfootfilms.

Julianne Elias