Designer Profile: Cosmic Unicornz

When Starbucks launched the Unicorn Frappuccino in April of 2017, most stores ran out of the week’s supply in the first day. These mythical creatures boast a type of jarring appeal. Mermaids, unicorns and glitter ‑ the colors are eye candy and the images are mesmerizing. Simply looking at such vibrant designs is enough to spark the imagination.

At least that’s true for Melissa Thyden, of Sutton, who is inspired by the pop culture of her youth. As a child, Thyden was obsessed with all things art. She absolutely loved fashion and design, and eventually that love brought her to UMass Dartmouth to study illustration with a fashion focus. Her creative designs on shoes and bags were a huge hit at stART on the Street, and it was from there that Cosmic Unicornz was born.

Although some of her inspiration derives from classic shows such as My Little Pony and Rainbow Bright, music is a huge factor in her style. “I’m really inspired by Kesha. I just love her aesthetic! And I love the style of a lot of 1970s musicians like Mick Jagger and David Bowie,” said Thyden.

It’s the type of style that looks amazing at concerts and events. “Music festival fashion” is one way Thyden would describe her line of clothing. Her pieces radiate a very “futuristic, space girl” vibe that immediately draws the eye, regardless of the setting.

Thyden’s creations can range from a very “over the top music festival” look to a more general “skater girl” style. There’s something for everyone.

Currently, Thyden resides in East Boston, growing her company every moment she can. “I’m always working,” Thyden said. “I just love designing so much that I work even in my downtime.” Fortunately, hard work pays off. Until late December, Thyden will have a three-month pop-up shop at 333 Barber Shop and Salon on Huntington Avenue in Boston. It’s a grand step towards the dream of opening a permanent shop in Boston.

Although getting that shop is what she hopes for, Thyden happily looks to social media as her most prominent route of success. She even ships all over the world. “Social media has been everything to me,” said Thyden, “It’s where I get the majority of my sales. I even had my first celebrity customer because of Instagram.”

Thyden sold 11 outfits to Paris Hilton in July 2017 and another six in August. It was a huge boost for the direction of her fashion line. “I want to keep designing clothes for celebrities … like a tour wardrobe!” said Thyden. She’s always working on new projects, such as a punk rock wedding dress she recently designed.

Time and hard work has brought Thyden a long way. She even had to leave some of the galleries she once worked for because of the growth of her line. “I do a lot of vending when I can, and we get a lot of returning customers,” said Thyden.

Thyden plans on staying in Boston to offer that frivolous style that is hard to come by on this side of the country. “Boston is unique. On the West Coast, a style like mine is much more common. I’d be just another fashion designer,” said Thyden, who sees her style as symbolic of fantasy and imagination.

For more information, visit or find her on Instagram @cosmic_unicornz.

-Jennifer MICHAUD