Up & Comer: My Silent Bravery

By Alex Kantarelis

Every now and then, a band comes out of Massachusetts that really redefines what a band can accomplish. Singer/songwriter Matt Wade’s project, My Silent Bravery, is one of those bands. Labeling Wade as an Up and Comer is ~ quite possibly ~ the biggest understatement ever. He has already arrived, and he’s here for the long run. With three full-length albums already under his belt and a professional work ethic, My Silent Bravery has no limits and no signs of slowing down.

Wade got started writing songs when he was 18. “For a school project, we were given the opportunity to learn about anything we wanted to learn, and I chose to learn how to play the guitar and I wrote my first song, ‘Sign of the Road,’” he said. That song ended up on the TV show, One Tree Hill, earning him national attention. He continued writing songs, keeping a positive message at the forefront of his lyrics. “One of my missions is to spread a positive message to people, and I feel like music is the best way to do that.”

The songs led to albums ~ plural. Three, to be exact ~ all of them self-released and all accompanied by music videos. Just like that, My Silent Bravery was the real deal and started getting national radio attention. Soon, Wade was opening for national acts like Daughtry, Howie Day and Ryan Cabrera. The last release, Can’t Quit, came out in 2012 and was produced by Anthony Resta (Guster, Collective Soul, Elton John) and features Matisyahu on the single, “To Give.” The notoriety continued, and My Silent Bravery’s songs kept getting plays on TV shows, including American Pickers, The Real World and Bad Girls Club.

With the new year comes a new album, Diamond From Coal. This new full-length is again being self-released under Wade’s MWS Records moniker and was produced by Warren Huart (Aerosmith, Eve 6, The Fray). The latest music video, from the single “Amazing,” has already been getting attention on MTV.com.

Wade’s work ethic continues to get him attention nationally, including opening gigs, music videos and TV placements, but, of course, none of that is enough for Wade. In addition to managing his band and his label himself, he is working on a remix project, creating EDM versions of his own songs.

“You have to roll with a few things and see how they play out before you go to your next thing,” he said, adding “[EDM] will be something new for me that I’m getting into.”

As we get into 2014, keep an eye on My Silent Bravery. Wade will be doing lots of live shows, lots of TV placements, more touring and even an EDM album. Should MSB be called an up and comer? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it should be called the next big thing to come out of Massachusetts.

For more information, visit mysilentbravery.com