The Devil Wears Prada rips up the Palladium

TDWP - Main Pub - Kane Hibberd (3)

By Shane O’Dwyer

It’s that time of the year. The time when the malls are constantly packed, people are out shoveling, and the cold will make you feel numb. But for shows, it’s a year round holiday. A night out of your week, or month, for you to celebrate what you love: the music. And clearly at our local Palladium, the snow didn’t stop people from packing the venue. On Dec. 18, The Ghost Inside, Volumes and Texas In July all played a great sets to open for the band of the evening, The Devil Wears Prada. The Devil Wears Prada is about to finish up a 30+ city tour, but the band played as if this were the tour’s opening show.

The energy on the stage moved quickly to the crowd. “That’s why I love them!” said a local fan. As I peered over at the crowd, I saw fans who truly loved the music. This was the “8:18” tour, and I could see it was one of the best tours this band has played. And I think the band members knew this when they looked down at the electrified crowd.

The Devil Wears Prada is made up of Mike Hranica on vocals, Jeremy DePoyster on rhythm guitar/vocals, Chris Rubey on lead guitar, Andy Trick on bass, and Daniel Williams on drums. All members play a key role in the band, all get equal love, and all made a huge impact on the sound. The five gentlemen held their distinctive styles , which clearly just made the band. With lyrics that left me pondering, the songs all had a point and a meaning, and that’s why the audience loved ~ the reason.

With a long night full of good bands and high energy, I saw a band that would be around for a while with new fans and old fans that have never abandoned ship. The new album, “8:18,” was another album to put in the books ~ a great album.

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