05.13 Make life a little easier with these handy products

Life doesn’t always have to be hard. We’ve got three products that are created especially to streamline chores, help you get fit and stay organized!

Fun folding

The Miracle Fold is one of those cool folding devices that makes folding shirts a breeze. You’ve seen the salespeople using something similar when you go to The Gap or Old Navy to make their shirts look picture perfect! Fold laundry quickly and enjoy your organized closet!

For more information, visit themiraclefold.com.

Smart fitness

W8FIT is a NEW way for women to get the most out of their workouts. W8FIT takes women’s active wear and moves it into a whole new way of thinking by adding weight training to their daily routine.

All the styles move with a woman’s body, look slimming and add resistance training to meet all their fitness goals. W8FIT strives to boost fat burning potential by harnessing the power of regular daily activities to not only help women lose weight, but also improve their overall fitness. Whether it’s hitting the gym, running, dancing, playing sports, grocery shopping or exploring the outdoors, W8FIT keeps you fit and in style, and you will love the results.

For more information, visit w8fit.com.

Keep sports bags clean

The Klitch is a footwear clip that allows you to secure any pair of extra sneakers to the outside of your bag. This avoids getting the inside of your bag dirty, smelly and full. The Klitch can be used for any type of footwear up to 10 pounds. The Klitch is great for travel, frees up your hands, saves space in your backpack or gym bag, airs out your shoes between wear, prevents dirt on shoes from getting inside of your bag, enables you to wear other shoes before and after your workout and helps you stay organized.

For more information, visit theklitch.com.