2.13 NEW!! Sarah Brightman’s Dreamchaser Album Coming April 16

Album Accompanies Artist’s Magical Quest to Travel to Space

World renowned as the best-selling Soprano of all time ~ with over 30 million records sold globally ~ Sarah Brightman, first famous as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s beautiful Broadway muse,  has an incredible dream to realize and that dream comes to life, in part, with the release of her new album Dreamchaser on April 16. For Brightman, a pioneer of the classical crossover genre with countless awards to her name, Dreamchaser is more than her eleventh studio album; it is also the realization of a lifelong dream to travel into space.  As announced last year in Moscow, Brightman will be the first musician to travel to the International Space Station. But before she leaves planet Earth, Brightman’s Dreamchaser album, inspired by her fascination with the wonderment and beauty of space, will serve as the perfect soundtrack of everything that is yet to come for this voice of a generation.

Sarah will be performing at the Boston Opera House in Boston, MA on September 18, 2013.

For more information, including how to pre-order Dreamchaser and purchase tickets, visit www.sarahbrightman.com.

2 Responses to 2.13 NEW!! Sarah Brightman’s Dreamchaser Album Coming April 16

  1. Anne Jacobs says:

    Very excited for this album and think her passion for science and space travel is so cool. Can’t wait to hear more about her journey. Have been a fan for a long time and have already pre-ordered Dreamchaser! goo.gl/UFETP

  2. Allison says:

    I’ve read a couple really good reviews of this and as a long-time fan of Sarah’s music, will be looking out for it in April. I was happy to see she’s covering some other artists I like that I wouldn’t expect to see on one of her albums (like Sia). She also put up a nice Dreamchaser album preview on YouTube that gives a good overview of the whole album.

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