2013 Worcester Music Awards

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411 Responses to 2013 Worcester Music Awards

  1. Luis Pabon says:

    My votes for Jessica Sierra \m/

  2. J says:

    Tony tester

  3. El Dorado says:

    I think it’s funny how many bands/artists that rarely even play in Worcester, are nominated here. VOTE for the REAL Worcester bands that work hard, and play out all the time!!

  4. John F. says:

    No doubt – Ashley Jordan – Best Country Artist, female vocalist….Best Video…wait do you have a category for best video? Either way she should win that too…BAM!

  5. John says:

    Ashley Jordan – Best Country Artist

  6. Vote Ricky Duran says:

    my vote for Ricky Duran for Best Solo artist is in!!

  7. Chris St John says:

    Voting for Ashley Joelle Jordan

  8. MARK says:

    HOW abut all the people that run a music jam EVERY week plus play out with there band on weekends ??? we work real hard, but seem’s like the bands that DON’T play out that much get’s in on the voteing poles….maybe you should revamp the selections…..just saying…thanks

  9. Leonard Wilson says:

    I cast my vote for Ashley Jordan

  10. George says:

    Tomorrow is the big day. I want to personally say on behalf of A King in Wait, we are honored to be able to share such great award opportunities with such amazing acts in Massachusetts. I hope everyone has a fantastic night! ROCK ON WORCESTER!

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