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  1. Kathy Lundstrom says:

    Good Luck Dale!

  2. Kathy Lundstrom says:

    Good Luck Dale! :)

  3. joe dirty says:

    Who the hell is DJ flirt ? What about DJ soup or Sirch1 ? Those dudes mix hip hop correctly .

  4. Briana says:

    DJ E CLASS FOR BEST DJ!!! All day!!!

  5. Wayne-Tapped Out Beats says:

    Thurkills Vision!!!

  6. MetalHead! says:

    LAST REGRET for Best Metal!! Those guys are incredible!

  7. Paul says:

    Too bad Spare Parts Band was not on the Blues list

  8. Last Regret says:

    Hey all, thanks for voting us into the finals! As a thank you we’re posting a link to our new single “Blink Of An Eye” off the upcoming EP “Unicorn Park”. Check it out here


    Thanks for the support all, we greatly appreciate! Spread the word and we’ll party at the next show! Let’s Do This!

  9. LFBIV says:

    Last Regret for best metal! THEY BLOW EVERYONE ELSE AWAY!

  10. Shawn Williams says:

    Niki is so red hot!!!!!!!

  11. stephanie says:

    Andy Cummings for Best Solo Act. He’s just amazing!

  12. Mr n00bman says:

    The River Neva is such a great progressive melodic metal band…totally deserves mad props!

  13. Kevin O. says:

    “The wma’s are nothing but a popularity contest. Some of these bands have absolutely no business even being mentioned here. It’s nothing but politics. Stop letting “fans” nominate who they think should be up for the awards. Get a group of judges who know what they’re talking about and half of these bands wouldn’t even get an honorable mention. Give the awards to the people who actually deserve it. Not to the people with the most money or most fans. Awards are for the “Best Act”, not “Most Popular”.”

    i take it this person didn’t get nominated for anything!?

    Hey Now Morris Fader all the way!

    Kevin O.
    New Pilot

  14. Roger says:

    Last Regret blows the rest out of the water!

  15. LFBIV says:

    Last Regret is far superior.

  16. Steve says:

    The Installers for best blues band!!!

  17. DJ Nemo says:

    Day One for best live act/best Hip Hop act. Nominated last year but lost to a bunch rapping nurses. Hands down D.O. Can rock any venue they perform at.

  18. DJ Nemo says:

    Check out Day One’s talent at www.dayone.bandcamp.com for youselves and be your own judge. Plus it’s Free!!

  19. Jill Curley says:

    Good Luck to Tigerlily!!!

  20. Hannah almeida says:

    my sister Jessica sierra. I love you and you’ll never know how proud I am to call you my sister. I love you soo much

  21. 99 Moon for best Up and Comers!

  22. Michelle Culross says:

    Great music with a great feel

  23. Cass says:

    NEGB1 rules!!!!!

  24. Kimberrr says:

    Ariband #1 !!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Whutwhut says:

    WMRC for best support of local music!!!!!

  26. Caroline Fedele says:

    the Chris Fitz band should be #1 Best Blues Band!!!

  27. Vote ari charbonneau for beat female vocalist

  28. John Oliver says:

    Who in the world nominated the country acts? I can think of 3 or 4 real deal acts out of the worcester area that blow the doors of the current nominees. Just sayin who picks them?

  29. John Oliver says:

    I totally agree with Kevin O post 113. Just because you get 300 of your high school friends alumni to vote on the website does not make you the “Best act” of the year. LOL

  30. Jessica says:

    DJ XKALIBER, hands down!

  31. […] Luparelli has won Female Entertainer of the Year 2011 in Worcester, Sexiest Musician, and Best Jazz band for her Gold Diggers. She is currently nominated for Best Jazz and Sexiest Musician again this year and readers can vote for her at www.thepulsemag.com/wordpress/2012/01/2012-worcester-music-awards […]

  32. Sonny Jr. says:

    Got Blues?

  33. Debra Drew says:


  34. Joey says:

    Scarecrow hill is amazing in every way. I love the shows. I love the band. The new stuff is amazing. After all is the best album ever.

  35. Ray Bauer says:

    99 moon is one of the best bands I’ve seen all the yearsive been on the seen

  36. Real Rap says:

    I never heard of any of those rappers wtf where are cats like 9 Millz or J Black or Dizzy Dizasta Manny Macgyver etc… SMH this award shit sux

  37. B.B.King says:

    My good friends, A TON OF BLUES, are one heck of a band and certainly deserve this award. If you have never heard them, attend the Awards Show on April 12th and you’ll see what I mean. But remember, don’t drink and drive. B.B.King

  38. emy says:

    best band in haverhill! WOLFBANE!! who hoo

  39. Christopher says:

    I have to agree with “joey”. I was never a fan of Scarecrow Hill until I heard their last record.I don’t know if a local band has ever excelled to the point that SH did on “after all”. Way to go boys, and good luck! You’ve got my vote :)

  40. Jay SCH says:

    Thanks to everybody that voted not just for us but for all the bands and musicians. This is why we do this, for the love of music and to make the fans happy. We are wicked pumped to hang with pulse mag again and tony tester…… Your gettin drunk with me again this year bud ha ha see everyone there!! Again many thanks to all!!!

    Jay SCH

  41. mike f says:

    wake up world…chis fitz is the real thing plus!!!catch him live and live.

  42. steve says:

    I see people on here complaining that this is about “popularity” and how getting people to vote “doesnt make you the best”. But…um…yeah. The music business IS the biggest popularity contest in the world. If you’re a serious band, and want to make it in the serious end of the business, then “popular” is EXACTLY what you need to be. I’m not even in a band or anything, but that just seemed too ignorant of a statement. Popularity is the name of the game. Do what it takes to make it right? Other wise just keep playing cover tunes in your mom’s basement.

  43. Tylor -SCH says:

    Very much looking forward to the awards show again this year. Such an awesome thing to celebrate the local industry. Pulse Magazine rules. Thanks to everyone for supporting this cause, and voting. It doesn’t matter who you voted for, all that matters is the support for local bands and performers who work so hard. Thank you all! See you on the 12th!!!

    Tylor -SCH

  44. worceterfan says:


  45. wha happen? says:

    Where the hell can one expect to find a list of the winners?

  46. NO says:


  47. vladimir says:

    Sparhawks are the hottest band on the east coast

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