02.12 Massachusetts Sports and Social Club

By Kim Dunbar

If you were the kid who was always picked last in gym class, clouding your memories of sports with embarrassment, it’s time to reassess. Dodgeball is back and the Massachusetts Sports and Social Club isn’t your typical gym class (hint: there’s drinking involved).

“We focus on both the sports and social aspect,” said Elijah Quimby, general manager of MASSC. “It’s about sports, but also meeting people and the bond sports can create.”

MASSC, which has leagues across the state, will be in Worcester for its first season this winter. The eight-week season of dodgeball will take place at the Nativity School in downtown Worcester, with the weekly post-game party hosted down the street by Pizzeria Uno’s. After each Thursday night game, teams are encouraged to socialize at the sponsor bar where all players get a discount.

“You only really need to just sign up, we take care of the details,” said Quimby. “Just show up on Thursday night, play one game, then head to the bar and stay as long as you want.”

Quimby, who grew up in Worcester, has been looking to start a league in Worcester for some time.

“I wanted to bring an activity for adults,” he said. “Once you graduate college there aren’t a lot of sports opportunities for you. This is something to help break up the work week. It’s something to look forward to and help you meet people. It’s a way to just focus on having fun for a couple hours.”

While dodging balls and aiming to hit others might not sound like an enjoyable activity (or maybe it does, we’re not judging), Quimby insisted it is both fun and safe.

“While dodgeball sounds like a silly activity, it’s actually fun and a really good workout,” he said. “It’s safe too. We use 6-inch coated foam balls. The rubber ones are actually kickballs, so you can get hit in the face and it doesn’t hurt.”

Quimby said the response to the new Worcester winter league has been enthusiastic and positive, and he hopes they’ll branch out to basketball, kickball and other sports if all goes well this season.

Dodgeball begins this month, so visit www.masssportsclub.com to register now. Players can sign up individually, as a group, or as an entire team of ten.

“Everything is done online,” said Quimby. “It’s very user-friendly.”

Read: no one gets picked last. We’ll drink to that.