09.11 Words to Sweat by™ – Fitness Towels

Add a Little Fun ~ and Inspiration ~ to Your Workout

By Kristie Bartlett

fitness-words-to-sweat-by1-copyYou’re aiming for that 5th rep of 20 ~ you’ve made it to rep 4, but then there it goes…your determination jumps ship and you never make it to #5.  Well, now instead of throwing in the towel, you can draw inspiration from your towel!!

Words to Sweat by™ was created by San Francisco area entrepreneur Dana Lardner, who made sure that the inspirational words printed on each towel aren’t sappy or corny ~ some are a bit more serious and will remind you to stay strong even when the workout seems to be winning, and some will bring a smirk/smile to your face and give you that extra little push to…well, push through and conquer that 5th rep…and maybe even a 6th!  Plus, you get to reveal a little bit of your personality in a sea of boring towels!

Some of the Words to Sweat by™ mantras include:

•    There will be no jiggle in my wiggle.
•    No Excuses
•    Dancing my butt off, literally.
•    Healthy. Strong. Happy.
•    Exert. Hydrate. Repeat.
•    Squat is a four-letter word.
•    Carpe Dumbbells.
•    Practice makes perfect.
•    C is for crunches, not cookies.
•    Take it all in stride.

fitness-words-to-sweat-by2-copyWords to Sweat by color appliqués include blue, green, orange, red, bright pink, lavender, spring green, brown, teal and more! Each made-in-the-USA16” x 24”, 100% cotton towel is washer and dryer friendly and comes packaged in a reusable organza carry bag. Words to Sweat by is dedicated to supporting and promoting earth-friendly principles, so all products are designed for long-term use and packaged to create zero waste.

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